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Near-Death Experience of Anita Moorjani
An Amazing Story of Miracle Healing and Rebirth

"I came back with the understanding that heaven truly is a state and not a place, and I've found that bliss has followed me here to Earth. I know this sounds really strange, but I even feel that our 'true home' is also only a way of being and not a location. Our real home is within each of us and follows us wherever we go."

  ~~ Anita Moorjani on her profound near-death experience in her book Dying to Be Me

Hey wonderful 'In the Know' friends,

I recently finished reading the most inspiring book I've read in years, Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. Anita experienced what may be the most incredible miracle healing yet in the medical records. She went through death and came back to share with us the mind and heart boggling wisdom she gained while on the other side. Reading Anita's powerfully transformative near-death experience in this soulful book transported me to another magical reality which beautifully helped to put everything into a deeper, fuller perspective.

After years of battling with cancer, Anita's body had become quite emaciated by 2006. On the morning of February 2nd that year, her body took a rapid turn for the worse. After being rushed to the emergency room, the doctors informed her husband and family that because her vital organs were failing or had already shut down, she would not likely live more than another day or two.

Though she was unconscious and in a coma, Anita witnessed everything the doctors said and everything that was happening around her for a while that morning from a place outside of her body. She then had the thrill of being transported to the other side of the veil, where she had a magical, healing connection with her deceased father and other amazing beings of love and light.

Anita's time on the other side was filled with profound experiences of love and realization, which she describes with deep beauty and wisdom in her moving book. Eventually she was given the choice to stay there on the other side of the veil, in which case her Earth-bound body would die, or to go back to finish the life work she had yet to complete.

Only after she was assured that her body would heal rapidly did Anita decide to come back. And come back she did – in a very big way. Her body had been riddled with stage 4B lymphoma (the worst stage possible), her swollen lymph nodes like golf balls sticking out of her emaciated body. Yet within days of returning from her timeless journey to the other side, the tumors melted away and medical tests showed that her cancer was completely gone. The doctors could not believe it.

With a matter of weeks, Anita was able to function normally in a healthy body, even going out dancing with friends against her doctor's advice. Yet though her body had returned to normal, her inner life had radically transformed in miraculous ways. The wisdom she shares in her beautiful book is some of the deepest I have ever read. I can't recommend this profound book highly enough.

"I saw my life intricately interwoven into everything I'd known so far. My experience was like a single thread woven through the huge and complexly colorful images of an infinite tapestry. All the other threads and colors represented my relationships, including every life I'd ever touched. Every single encounter was woven together to create the fabric that was the sum of my life up to this point. I may have been only one thread, yet I was integral to the overall finished picture."

For an inspiring, two-page description of Anita's miraculous near-death experience in her own words, click here. To buy her deeply moving book, Dying to Be Me, click here.

While I was in the middle of reading this amazing book, Sheila Linn, a wonderful friend who is on this "In the Know" list, by chance contacted me seeking information for a book she and her husband Denny are writing on near-death experiences. As she knows I have great interest in NDEs, Sheila put me in touch with one of the foremost researchers in the NDE field, Kenneth Ring.

Shortly afterward, Ken and I got together for lunch and shared an incredibly rich conversation about a wide range of fascinating topics. Ken is in email communication with Anita and was delighted to meet her on her recent visit to the US. He suggested that I get in touch with her, too. I've done that now, and she has given me permission to summarize her book. Yea!!! I very much look forward to doing that as soon as I get some time. I'll let you now when the summary is ready.

Another member of this list, my good friend William Van Vechten, has been doing some great volunteer work for PEERS in recent months. One of the things he did was to format all of the key messages that I've sent in the past to the "In the Know" list, dating back to late 2008. I then posted them all and made an index. As many of you joined the list in the last couple years, you can now find older "In the Know" messages using this index at the link below:

Messages sent to the "In the Know list" are much more personal and speculative than those sent to the email list. This list is reserved for both the real movers and shakers in our world that I know and for our major donors. It is a private, invitation-only list. Even so, you are free to share anything I send out whenever it feels appropriate.

A few months ago I sent a message to this list giving brief descriptions of the most transformational books I've ever read. If you didn't see that one, you can find it at this link. I would now most definitely add Anita's book Dying to Be Me to that list. This inspiring book is just one of many, many exciting and transformational happenings taking place now on our planet. What a fun and wild time to be alive! Thank you all for joining me in this profound journey of co-creation.

I'll end this message with a quote from another woman who had a powerful near-death experience. The quote is taken from Kenneth Ring's book on NDEs titled Lessons From the Light:

"I used to think I was the artist when I was painting. I now see, since my NDE, that I am only the brush, my life experiences are the paint, my life is the painting, and the world is the studio with love as the subject." ~~ Peggy Holladay

Wishing you and all of us abundant love, inspiration, and joy,
August 2, 2012

P.S. For our excellent and highly inspiring near-death experience resource list, click here. I so love how these NDE stories help to put everything into a greater perspective.

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