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Afterlife Investigations: Scientific Evidence
Astonishing Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife

Dear friends,

Afterlife Investigations: Scientific Evidence

Is there an afterlife? To answer this question, first take a look at this five-minute news clip of a young boy who has incredibly clear memories of what appears to be a past life as a WWII pilot.

Going deeper, check out a powerful documentary titled The Afterlife Investigations, which presents astonishing scientific evidence of life after death. This captivating and inspiring documentary is based on a mind-bending, five-year experiment on communicating with the dead in which dozens of scientists participated.

For five years a group of researchers and mediums witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, videos of spirit faces appearing, and even spirit forms materializing.

The Afterlife Investigations was produced by award-winning documentary maker Tim Coleman. Tim previously co-produced what may be the best documentary ever on the UFO phenomenon, Out of the Blue, which you can watch at this link. Drawing over two million viewers when it was shown on the Sci-Fi channel, Out of the Blue was at the time the most watched program ever on that channel. It was also featured in an ABC News article and discussed on a Larry King program on CNN.

The Afterlife Investigations may exceed Out of the Blue in its powerful impact on our world. It will undoubtedly convince large numbers of viewers of the inspiring possibility of life after death. Watch a great three-minute trailer of The Afterlife Investigations at this link.

I was thrilled to meet intriguing producer and videographer Tim Coleman at a gathering several years ago. I was even more thrilled that we became friends, giving me the privilege of hearing one-on-one some of the amazing stories of his most fascinating life as a photographer and videographer. He has been to many places that few would dare go in the pursuit of his trade.

I watched Tim put together The Afterlife Investigations with great anticipation for a few years. I am very excited that this paradigm-shifting masterpiece based on scientific evidence is now complete and available to the public.Tim gave me permission to make a promotional 16-minute summary of the film, which I suspect will blow you away. You can watch it at the link below:

I also highly recommend watching the entire 86-minute video at this link, which is free with ads. Please spread the word to your friends on this most excellent film, which I believe will help thousands, if not millions, to more fully awaken to the amazing possibilities of life after death. And if you are interested in more truly astonishing information on investigations and evidence of the afterlife, see the excellent online lesson titled "Beyond Life and Death" at this link. Take care, and enjoy these wild and exciting times in which we live.

With very best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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