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Hope: The Internet and Innernet
Through the Internet and Innernet There is Great Hope

Dear friends,

Hope: The Internet and Innernet.

Don't despair! If you follow the news on TV, online, and in social media, you may have developed the impression that we live in a terrible shadow world filled with disease, hatred, racism, violence, war, and corruption almost everywhere.

Yet what is hugely underreported is the great number of individuals and groups coming together to shine their light and transform our lives and world in a major way.

It's all a matter of what we choose to focus on. By consciously balancing the shadow and light in our lives, we can be more effective in building a brighter future for all of us.

Remember that the media makes its profits through pandering to our obsession with fear and sensationalism. Yet we always have choice in how much we pay attention to the fear-mongering, and to what we do with it. Once we both individually and collectively transform our obsession with fear and sensationalism, watch how the world transforms around us in miraculous ways.

Whether you are feeling hopeless or see the infinite possibilities available to us, you must watch the incredibly inspiring six-minute video of Paul Hawken below. In this beautiful presentation, Hawken lays out clearly how, even though the media barely mentions it, the greatest movement on Earth is happening all around us, and it's growing like wildfire.

Literally hundreds of thousands of groups representing many millions of people around the world are working together for a better world for all of us. And this network of transformation is growing all the time. The members and groups of this network are readying themselves to catch the pieces of the old paradigm as it slowly or rapidly falls apart. The key questions are: how are you plugging into this vast, inspiring network? And what are you doing to make a difference?

For another amazing video showing how the growing pains we are experiencing can actually lead to incredibly beautiful transformation, click the link below. You will likely be amazed at how much great and inspiring information can be packed into one minute.

We are the imaginal cells within the voracious caterpillar forming the network needed to transform our world into a beautiful butterfly. Each of us is one of those cells now reaching out to connect with other imaginal cells. And increasing numbers of groups are linking up to form the nervous system of this transformative new network which is based not on old paradigm values of competition, consumption, and me first, but rather on cooperation, interdependence, and what's best for all of us.

The Internet is an amazing tool bringing people together from around the world to work on projects about which they share a passion. You would not be watching these videos or reading this message without it. Developed largely by the U.S. Department of Defense's DARPA, the Internet also allows caring individuals to research and explore all that has been hidden for so many years. Using reliable, verifiable information available on the Internet, we are now shedding light on what once were dark, hidden shadows, so that at last we can know what we are really dealing with.

At the same time, groups of people from all faiths, beliefs, and philosophies are opening more to recognizing that every person in the world has a heart, and that every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved. While celebrating our differences, we are more coming to see that we all share a common humanity with shared hopes and dreams for a brighter future for all of us, for our children, and for the generations which will follow. We are recognizing that greed and corruption no longer serve us, and choosing instead to join in working together for a better world for all.

As we recognize the common humanity that lies within each of our hearts, we are now awakening to something even more powerful than the Internet – the Innernet. Modern science is showing how there is a measurable energy field that emanates from each of our hearts. Watch the one-minute video available here to learn more about this. These invisible energy fields each of us has are interacting with those around us all the time. Science is showing how we are all energetically interconnected. This energetic connection happens through what some are calling the Innernet.

Every one of us can choose to open to the place where we are all already interconnected in a global web of interrelatedness. By closing our eyes and going within, we can feel this connection with all beings on our planet, and even with the planet itself. The Innernet connects the hearts of all of us through these energetic fields. As each of us chooses to recognize and transform the shadows within us, we join in strengthening the Innernet and transforming the collective shadow of our planet, so that we can all live with greater awareness and help transform our world.

To discover more about your own inner potential and how to transform the shadows both inside ourselves and out in our world, explore the free Insight Course, which was designed specifically for this purpose. You can begin this remarkable journey at this link. This course makes use of the powerful capabilities of the Internet to help you develop your connection to the Innernet.

For all the apparent craziness going on in our world, it's an exciting time to be alive. Times of crisis can also be the times of greatest opportunity. If each of us chooses to play our part, and to find and transform the shadows both within ourselves and out in the world, I have no doubt that we will have the privilege of experiencing one of the most exciting shifts ever to happen in this world. Would you like to join us? Below are some ideas on how you can join in.

Suggestions for what you can do:

  • Find ways you can join in both personal and global transformation. Open to finding classes or groups through which you can make your invaluable contribution to life and our world.
  • Take your money out of any big banks and put it instead in a credit union or invest in microlending. Use credit cards from responsible companies. Click here for more on these.
  • Buy organic and fair trade. Though more expensive, the extra money promotes sustainable farming practices and fair pay. To understand the hidden dangers of non-organic foods, click here and here.
  • Remember that buying the cheapest goods sometimes supports the most corrupt practices. Consider spending a little more to buy fair trade articles from companies which are responsible corporate citizens. Click here for information to help with this.
  • Educate yourself and your friends on all the has been hidden from us to keep us in darkness using reliable, verifiable information like that on the excellent website By shining light into the darkness for ourselves and others, we can make a big difference.
  • Make a commitment to notice when you engage in keeping secrets or manipulating others, even in small ways. For great ideas on how to transform fear in your life, click here and here.

With lots of hope and very best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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