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Life After Death Experiences
BBC Documentary on Life After Death Experiences

Dear friends,

Life After Death Experiences

The astounding BBC documentary The Day I Died relates not only inspiring, well documented life after death experiences, it explores what happens to consciousness when the brain stops and the fascinating topic of life after death in general.

Highlighting key cases where individuals were declared clinically dead for a period of time and then came back to life, powerful evidence is presented that consciousness can, in fact, separate from the body to see and experience things not possible from inside the body. View this amazing exploration of life after death at this link:

In this thought-provoking documentary, you will meet Vicki Noratuk, who has been blind from birth. Until Vicki's life after death experience, she had no concept of what the visible world was like. But upon leaving her body as a result of a bad car accident, she was astounded to suddenly be able to see. She went on to have a powerfully transformative experience. Once Vicki came back into her body in the hospital, she once again was blind, yet was incredibly grateful for having experienced sight and much more in her sojourn into the realms beyond.

You will also meet Pam Reynolds, who was facing imminent death from a massive brain aneurysm. She opted for a highly risky procedure where neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Spetzler deliberately brought her to a state where all of her vital signs, including all brain activity, were stopped for an extended period of surgery. All blood was removed from her head. Clinically, Pam was dead for that period. Yet on being successfully revived, she came back a transformed woman with an amazingly inspiring story to share of where her consciousness went while her body functions stopped.

And then there is the transformational story of Gordon Allen. Before his life after death experience Gordon was all about making money. And he was quite successful in his ruthless business world. After going through death, however, all of that changed. Learn about the most remarkable way the life of this once greedy man turned around in this beautifully compiled documentary.

A number of doctors and surgeons also give engaging interviews, including both skeptics of life after death and those who say that there is no explanation other than the possibility that consciousness can exist and perceive outside of the physical body. A few doctors were so intrigued with what they heard from patients who had come back from clinical death that they initiated extensive studies into the near-death phenomenon. And the results are quite amazing.

Another video and two well documented stories on near-death experiences and life after death are well worth exploring. A 26-minute video compilation of near-death experiences related by a number of people who survived death and lived to tell about is most fascinating. Watch it at the link below:

For two other wonderfully rich and inspiring life after death experiences, read the amazing near-death experiences of Mellon Thomas-Benedict at this link and of Anita Moorjani at this link. And for lots more, see the highly inspiring online lesson on this topic at this link. All of these fascinating experiences suggest that there may be much more to both life and death than we imagine. Thanks for your interest, and please help to spread the inspiration.

With very best wishes,
Fred Burks for the PEERS empowerment websites

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