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Interview with Author of Incredible Book

The New Pearl Harbor


Dear friends,


For those of you who have not read David Ray Griffin's amazing new book, The New Pearl Harbor, you can now listen online to an excellent 40 minute interview with him which was aired on KPFA in Berkeley, CA. This book, which presents the facts surrounding 9/11 in a most balanced, dispassionate way, is already creating huge waves. It discusses what the Bush Administration knew, when they knew it, and how the current investigation is playing out.


To hear the interview, go to Go to minute 16:30 for start of interview with Griffin. I have already purchased 27 copies of this book and plan to buy more. You can order the book at:


The over 40 reader's reviews on demonstrate clearly that this is a book which is waking people up in a very big way. I encourage you to at least click on the above link and read some of the reviews towards the bottom of the page. The New Pearl Harbor is rated five stars out of five, and has reached's top 100 best seller list several times. This book has the potential to transform this entire world through exposing the depth of deception at high levels. Please help spread the news. Great things are happening in the world!


With much love and joy,




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