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Radiant Energy and
Cold Electricity

Note: This article on radiant energy was written by Dr. Peter Lindemann. To see his educational website which covers radiant energy and other new energy sources. click here. For a two-page summary of his excellent article on the history and hope of new energy sources, click here.

Naturally available radiant energy is the power source of the future. Until recently, only a handful of researchers have understood how to tap it. For over one hundred years, there have been persistent rumors that a number of brilliant inventors had succeeded. These included Dr. Nikola Tesla, Dr. T. Henry Moray, Edwin Gray, Sr., and more recently, Paul Baumann in Switzerland. Each reported, and showed hundreds of eyewitnesses, a "cold" form of electric power that could be produced with relatively simple equipment.

This natural energy form can be gathered directly from the environment (mistakenly called "static" electricity) or extracted from ordinary electricity by the method called "fractionation." Radiant Energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity, at less than 1% of the cost. It does not behave exactly like electricity, however, which has contributed to the scientific community's misunderstanding of it.

First studied by Dr. Nikola Tesla in 1889, this effect is the primary operating principle of his "Magnifying Transmitter." After Tesla was prevented from bringing his World Power System into full manifestation, he worked for years to develop a smaller version of the device that harnessed the same principle. By the 1930's, he had succeeded. This device is what powered his infamous Pierce-Arrow automobile.

At about this same time, another brilliant radio engineer, Dr. Thomas Henry Moray, also developed a working model of a power source that used no fuel. By 1935, Dr. Moray had perfected this device as a small box that produced 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. Hundreds of people witnessed demonstrations of this invention. Both Tesla and Moray referred to the energy in these systems as "radiant energy." Moray's system had no batteries or magnets in it, and apparently gathered the "radiant energy" directly from the environment.

Edwin Gray, Sr rediscovered the technique in the late 1950's and spent 15 years developing working models. Mr. Gray discovered that the discharge of a high voltage capacitor could be shocked into releasing a huge, radiant, electrostatic burst. This energy spike was produced and captured in a special device Mr. Gray called his "conversion element switching tube."

The non-shocking, cold form of energy that came out of this "conversion tube" powered all of his demonstrations, appliances, and motors, as well as recharged his batteries. Mr. Gray referred to this process as "splitting the positive." During the 1970's, based on this discovery, Mr. Gray developed an 80 hp electric automobile engine that kept its batteries charged continuously. Hundreds of people witnessed dozens of demonstrations that Mr. Gray gave in his laboratory.

Then, in the 1970's, Paul Baumann in Switzerland rediscovered the technique again, and started building working models of what is called the "Testatika Machine." While Mr. Baumann has never officially disclosed the technique, hundreds of eye-witnesses have reported seeing a simple, electrostatic generator that turns itself and produces thousands of watts of a cold form of electricity. The Methernitha Community in Linden, Switzerland currently has 5 or 6 working models of this fuelless, self-running device.

In 2000, after three decades of work, Dr. Peter Lindemann cracked the secret of Edwin Gray's method. Once the process was understood, the underlying commonality of these other systems became apparent. Dr. Lindemann presented all of this research in a technical lecture in September 2000, and subsequently presented the same material in his book, "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity."

Please follow the above highlighted links which lead to more information on all of these systems.

Below are two comments on the video and book, The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity", by Dr. Lindemann, which are available on the PRODUCTS page of his website. More comments can be seen on our REVIEWS page of his website.

"First of all, I must compliment you on your research. You've done an excellent job. From my own experiments, once you split the electron from the etheric carrier, the problem then is not generating tremendous energy, it's limiting it! A lot of my incoming spikes are well over 1000 amps. Definitely, this kind of circuit, it's for real!" - Brian Desborough (Free Energy Researcher)

"Yesterday I received the book and video and stayed up until midnight reading and viewing the video. Based on my armchair science, I agree with your approach to Gray's and Tesla's findings. You do excellent detective work. Your book and video makes the "myth" of Tesla's free energy 80hp Pierce Arrow believable. It is also easier to understand the Baumann machine in Switzerland." - PV

Note: This above on radiant energy was written by Dr. Peter Lindemann. To see his educational website which covers radiant energy and other new energy sources. click here. For a two-page summary of his excellent article on the history and hope of new energy sources, click here.