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WingMakers Interviews
An Important Note

The WingMakers interviews provide some information that may be quite disturbing for some people. If these interviews are to be believed, there is a very powerful, secret group called the ACIO that is in charge of anything related to ET presence on this planet. They feared that in the year 2012 our planet would be invaded by a group of "hive-like" ETs. They were focused to the point of obsession on stopping this from happening. If you examine the current, strangely changed WingMakers website at, you will see that those who now control the site have made it appear that the WingMakers shared the ACIO's goal of stopping this invasion.

This was not true at all in the original website, where the WingMakers philosophical writings and poetry mention nothing about any future invasion. Though the invasion is mentioned in the original interviews with a former ACIO member, the man interviewed makes no connection between the WingMakers and the ACIO's efforts to stop the invasion. The original interviews describe the story of this member of the ACIO group who clearly was steeped in the fear promoted by the ACIO, yet who on seeing and experiencing personally the wisdom and transformative power of the WingMakers materials decided to break the strict code of secrecy by defecting and making these empowering materials available to the public.

The original writings, poems, and paintings of the WingMakers were simply sharing powerful information and inspiration on the transformation currently taking place on our planet with no hint of fear for our future. This transformation described by the WingMakers involved the shift to a new paradigm where an ever-increasing number of people realize that the deepest answers in life are found not by searching outside of ourselves in the way of the old hierarchical paradigm, but rather by searching within our own divine essence.

In fact, the "hive-like" ETs or "animus" that members of the ACIO so fear may be some beneficial ETs who have developed advanced spirituality and telepathy, and thus appear to be hive-like. Or they may just be a number of spiritually advanced souls on our planet who gradually develop the ability to link up and communicate telepathically with each other, and who are strongly oriented towards the good of the whole—thus appearing hive-like. Either of these would be a very positive development, but one which the ACIO would fear greatly, because they would lose much of their power and control, and because their huge secrets would be exposed.

The philosophy of the WingMakers clearly states that the universe is always mirroring our own deepest beliefs back to us. It is up to each of us how we choose to see and interpret everything in our lives and all that happens. The more we open to the WingMakers' three principles of transformation, the more easy and fluid our lives become. It is our choice whether we choose to live in fear, as do the members of the ACIO in these interviews, or whether we choose to recognize fear as an invitation to growth. For more on the strange changes to WingMakers website, click here.

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