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Differences in the WingMakers Interviews
Another Educated Viewpoint

Dear friends,

Below is an engaging response to the essay summarizing differences between to the WingMakers interviews which I wrote. These incisive comments were written by my friend, Prof. Michael Salla, who has taught at several prominent universities. He makes some excellent further points to my summary.

With sacred love and very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

View on Differences Between Original and Current WingMakers Material

The changes in the WingMakers (WM) material are a subtle attempt to shift focus away from an individual activation/enlightenment focus towards a more hierarchic spiritual model with a Central Race directing human evolution. I found James response to your question on this particular change to be very revealing. His argument that the shift was due to a change of emphasis from the individual activation/enlightenment focus to collective species evolution was not convincing at all.

His view that individuals would not be able to provide answers to the contingencies of the evolution of a whole species, thereby requiring an external intervention is really the critical issue here. Without explicitly saying it, James was justifying a form of "spiritual coup d'etat" whereby human evolution would be directed by the Central Race and their Lyricus Teaching Order who have the sufficient spiritual resources, history and stature to guide the human race forward. In short, an individualized response would be too unpredictable and chaotic to handle such a delicate task.

This kind of approach to human evolution is something that Lynne Picknett and Clive Prince warned about in their book, The Stargate Conspiracy. They argue that there has been a long term effort to condition humanity in a way so that at a certain point in our history/evolution, we would accept a new cosmic religion. I was wondering how that agenda would express itself since there are a number of candidates that might qualify, The Urantia Book, The Keys of Enoch, Council of Nine, etc., all posit hierarchical systems that would legitimate external intervention by a "Central race" to correct the course of human history.

The refocused WM material now also provides a Centralized authority guiding human evolution, and provides the foundation for that authority intervening at a future crisis moment, which now can be manufactured at any time. They can thus simply take over. So much for human sovereignty.

The original WM material with its emphasis on individual activation/enlightenment and references to the WM as humans from 750 years in the future (an evolved ACIO) is much less suited as providing a foundation for a new Cosmic Religion. Indeed, the psychological reaction towards contact with a future group of humans (our descendents) is very different to that of possible contact with an ancient Central Race that first spawned the human species and are its cosmic protectors.

Neil Freer's book, Breaking the Godspell nicely illustrates the imperative of not simply returning to an old paradigm whereby the 'gods' solve our problems. So simply on that argument, I would view the original WM version as displaying less evidence of framing information in a way intended to deceive us and undermine human sovereignty.

I also found the shift towards the description of the seven ancient arrow sites as a defensive weapon rather than as individual activation mechanisms to be very telling. That was something that I eventually felt very uncomfortable about when I read the WM material after the changes had been made. It provided a national security spin that has guided our thinking down a path that encouraged centralization and hierarchy.

Much effort needs to go into countering the national security filters that will be attached to future disclosure of extraterrestrial life. A contrived national security approach is something we need to guard against as our planet evolves into a galactic society and deal with a number planetary contingencies along the way. I appreciated you pointing this shift in your analysis.

Finally, your response to James that the idea of humanity ascending into more rarefied dimensions is part of an 'old' paradigm is really very important. The idea that individuals/species evolve 'upwards' in this way naturally leads to ideas that we need to escape the coarseness and brutality of lower dimensions/densities. So models of separation are proposed, an Ascended 4D/5D Earth for the enlightened vs a 3D earth for the recalcitrants, Heaven vs Hell, etc. Religious orders and spiritual traditions have been traditionally based on this old paradigm of spiritual liberation in order to escape suffering, rebirth, etc.

In this new paradigm we are not talking so much of souls liberating themselves, but of a Divine force using incarnated souls to infuse this material plane with spiritual energy. In other words, the new paradigm is one wherein Spirit infuses lower densities with soul force that serves a Divine purpose. So in this model, James' idea that an external agency, the LTO, is needed to guide human evolution upwards is mistaken. What is necessary is individual activation/enlightenment that can assist the devolution of the Divine into lower densities with souls ready to take on this grand adventure. So the goal shifts to transformation, rather than liberation.

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