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ABC: What it's like to experience a brush with death
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of ABC15 (Phoenix ABC affiliate)

ABC15 (Phoenix ABC affiliate), August 3, 2011
Posted: August 16th, 2011

ABCs Bob Woodruff probed the mysteries of near death experiences including his own in a special Primetime Nightline. ABC15 spoke with Woodruff. He told us so many people he interviewed for the story had an out-of-body experience, similar to his own when his group was hit by an IED 5 years ago while covering the war in Iraq. He told us when he woke up 36 days later he remembered seeing his body floating below him. Woodruff says others he spoke with describe experiences like his, but the thing he found interesting was, all of them say they werent scared. Everyone said it was comfort, there was a lack of fear, and certainly no pain. All of them share that, no matter who they are thats gone through this and its very, very interesting. Woodruff also spoke with several doctors and scientists, who dont necessarily reject these out-of-body experiences, but theyre just looking for answers. ABC15 wanted to know, how the people he interviewed felt about coming back to this world. Woodruff says, Almost everybody said not only that they thought about staying, but generally wanted to stay. I, in some ways, was fine with staying.

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