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Former child star Corey Feldman's new memoir reveals horrific abuse
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Fox News

Fox News, October 21, 2013
Posted: October 29th, 2013

Although hes known for successful comedies, '80s child actor Corey Feldmans own story reads like a tragedy. In [his] new memoir, Coreyography, Feldman weaves a harrowing Hollywood tale of sex, drugs and profound loneliness on his road to stardom. Feldmans book covers parental abuse, twisted friendships and devastating drug abuse. As his star began to rise in hit movies like Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, Gremlins and The Goonies Feldman had no guidance or support from his parents. His mother -- a former Playboy model who suffered from depression and drug problems -- tortured her son about his weight and, at one point, force-fed him diet pills. He says his father was a musician who routinely encouraged Feldman to get high with him. By age 7, Feldman was a successful commercial actor and the main breadwinner of the family. Feldman found refuge on Hollywood sets and yearned for adult role models and supporters. While director Steven Spielberg became a trusted friend, many adults let him down. His father hired an assistant in his early 20s who Feldman calls Ron. The two became inseparable, with Ron providing Feldman with various drugs and eventually coercing him into sex. Feldman says he was petrified, and revolted the first time Ron abused him, but their twisted friendship lasted for years. Ron wasnt the only pedophile Feldman encountered in his search for stable adult relationships. Slowly, over a period of many years, he writes, I would begin to realize that many of the people I had surrounded myself with were monsters. One person he felt safe with was Michael Jackson. He calls the singer's world his happy place and said Jackson brought him back to his innocence.

Note: For more on sexual abuse of children, see the deeply revealing reports from reliable major media sources available here.

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