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Is social media fueling Hollywood's pedophile problem?
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Fox News

Fox News, May 27, 2016
Posted: June 6th, 2016

Corey Feldman, who has opened up in the past about being molested by multiple Hollywood bigwigs, said he believes the problem of producer pedophiles is bigger today in age of social media. Hes also said one of his abusers is still prominently in the business today. Gabe Hoffman is the executive producer of An Open Secret, a 2015 documentary that investigated child molesters in Hollywood, and he echoed Feldmans sentiments. "Young people, both boys and girls looking to work in Hollywood are at great risk from sexual predators, he [said]. Psychologist Dr. Judith Zackson concurred. The Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for young, vulnerable stars, she said. Internet profiles provide an anonymous platform for pedophiles to study their victims personal information and patterns to assist in their grooming process - pedophiles develop a relationship with their victims through enticing dialogue filled with promises that promote the young stars dream. Pop culture expert Cate Meighan said the Internet lets abusers reach out to victims more easily. Back in the 80s it really was quite different in that these people had to wait until child stars were brought into their circle to have access to them, she said. Now, they have the ability to hand pick potential targets and probably at a much younger age too. Feldman has been vocal in the past regarding pedophilia in Hollywood. In 2011, he said it was the number one problem in Hollywood claiming it to be the big secret plaguing the industry.

Note: Don't miss the incredible film "An Open Secret" which follows five boys and their families who were gradually ensnared by a secret Hollywood pedophile ring which ruins their lives. It is available for free viewing on this webpage. The entire "Secret Societies in Hollywood" series is available here. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing sexual abuse scandal news articles from reliable major media sources.

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