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'Occupy Wall Street' -- It's Not What They're for, But What They're Against
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Fox News

Fox News, October 14, 2011
Posted: October 18th, 2011

Critics of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement complain that the protesters dont have a policy agenda and, therefore, dont stand for anything. They're wrong. The key isnt what protesters are for but rather what theyre against -- the gaping inequality that has poisoned our economy, our politics and our nation. In America today, 400 people have more wealth than the bottom 150 million combined. Thats not because 150 million Americans are pathetically lazy or even unlucky. In fact, Americans have been working harder than ever -- productivity has risen in the last several decades. Big business profits and CEO bonuses have also gone up. Worker salaries, however, have declined. Most of the Occupy Wall Street protesters [want] an end to the crony capitalist system now in place, that makes it easier for the rich and powerful to get even more rich and powerful while making it increasingly hard for the rest of us to get by. The question is not how Occupy Wall Street protesters can find that gross discrepancy immoral. The question is why every one of us isnt protesting with them. According to polls, most Americans support the 99% movement, even if theyre not taking to the streets.

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