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Sen. Bernie Sanders says this one issue keeps progressive policies from advancing
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of USA Today

USA Today, May 15, 2018
Posted: May 27th, 2018

Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking at a policy forum here Tuesday, identified a singular roadblock to achieving success on a host of progressive policies. Its American oligarchy. Sanders ... argued that the small number of multi-billionaires who now have power over the countrys economic, political and social life is one issue out there which is so significant and so pervasive that, unless we successfully confront it, it will be impossible to succeed on any of these other important issues. The solution, he said, is not only ending voter suppression, extreme gerrymandering and overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which helped pave the way for super PACs, but moving toward automatic voter registration. He called for Wall Street, billionaires and big corporations to start paying their fair share in taxes, and for substantially increasing the estate tax. The annual conference ... was billed in part as an opportunity for speakers to preview and sharpen the best arguments for rejecting far-right conservatism and for enacting progressive policies at all levels of government. During his speech Tuesday, Sanders ... said the current grotesque level of income and wealth inequality is immoral and causing massive suffering.

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