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German Journalist Seeks Release of Eichmann Files
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of ABC News/Associated Press

ABC News/Associated Press, March 18, 2010
Posted: July 27th, 2010

The basics of Adolf Eichmann's story are well documented: Commonly known as the "architect of the Holocaust" for his role in coordinating the Nazi genocide policy, he fled Germany, was captured in Argentina by Israel's Mossad, and hanged after trial in Jerusalem. But Germany's intelligence service, the BND, is sitting on 4,500 pages of files on Eichmann a reporter thinks could fill in gaps about his postwar life: Who helped him escape? How much did Germany know about where he was? Is there more to the story of his capture? The files could also help shed light on claims that the Vatican helped war criminals hide or escape after World War II allegations church officials have always strenuously denied. The BND claims that the files need to remain secret, so freelance reporter Gabriele Weber sued to have them released. They are now being reviewed in secret by three judges at the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. Weber said she anticipates a ruling in the next month or two, and expects to obtain at least some degree of access. "I think it's impossible that in Germany we are hiding documents about a convicted Nazi mass murderer today," she said in a telephone interview. "I can't imagine they will be able to maintain secrecy 100 percent." The American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants group has weighed in, urging the release of the files.

Note: The German government is not the only one hiding information about the Nazis. To read about the CIA's cover-up of its own relationship with Nazis, click here.

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