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German journalist's fight for secret govt files on Nazi Adolf Eichmann heads back to court
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Fox News/AP

Fox News/AP, September 8, 2010
Posted: September 20th, 2010

Germanys intelligence service has turned over thousands of files on top Nazi Adolf Eichmanns whereabouts after World War II to a journalist who sued for them. But with so many passages blacked out and pages missing, shes taking the matter back to court. An attorney for freelance reporter Gabriele Weber said ... he was confident that she would win greater access eventually, even though Chancellor Angela Merkels office has argued that some Eichmann files should stay secret. Last week, Weber went to see the government files on the man known as the architect of the Holocaust for coordinating the Nazis genocide policy. She was surprised to find some 1,000 pages missing, despite a federal courts order in April that the intelligence agency, the BND, could not keep all of the documents secret. Of the pages she did receive, much of the information was blacked out. Weber hopes the files will shed more light on missing pieces of the [Eichmann] puzzle. Who helped him escape? How much did Germany know about where he was? Is there more to the story of his capture?

Note: Why are these documents from over 60 years ago still being censored? Could it be that the Vatican and allies were secretly working together to allow key German leaders to escape? For lots more on this learn about Operation Paperclip here and here.

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