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Morgan Freeman trades playing God for exploring 'The Story of God'
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times, January 6, 2016
Posted: April 4th, 2016

Playing God is simply a matter of learning a script. It didnt require research beyond that, Freeman deadpanned during National Geographics panel for The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. The project, a collaboration among Lori McCreary, James Younger and Freeman, who all serve as executive producers, is an exploration of religion across the globe and the function of God in any given society. The team previously collaborated on Discoverys Through the Wormhole. As for why the three turned to matters of religion in their latest offering: We were driven to make this by seeing all of the misunderstanding and difficulties centered around religion in the world today. We were motivated to say, Lets go there and see what religions have in common, said Younger, adding, What we found is a remarkable commonality between religions. However, the series found itself stymied by the limitations of trying to carve such a complex subject down to six hour-long installments, ultimately being limited to focusing just on the big five according to Freeman, the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) as well as Buddhism and Hinduism. When asked what they would ask the Divine given the opportunity, they didnt hesitate. McCreary wondered, Whats the key to unifying us all as Your children? while Freeman opted for a more pointed, What do You think now? But it was former scientist Younger who opted for the most universal question of all: Why?

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