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This Startup Is Building the Techiest Indoor Farm in the World
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Fortune

Fortune, February 28, 2018
Posted: September 30th, 2018

Indoor vertical farming startup Bowery is in the process of building a second facility which it claims will be the most technologically sophisticated indoor farm in the world. The operation will be in Kearny, N.J., and grow 30 times more produce than its current indoor farm thats located nearby, and supply 100 types of leafy greens and herbs. Bowery is applying robotics, machine learning, and predictive analytics to the agriculture sector, a segment of the economy that has been slow to adopt technology and digital advancements. Software is the brains of the farm, says Bowery CEO and founder Irving Fain. Small adjustmentswater flow, light intensity, temperature, humiditycan then be made in response to data inputs to impact outcomes like taste and flavor, such as growing a mustard green thats got a spicier pick. These changes get pushed out automatically into our system, says Fain. The precision and level of control is unparalleled. Fain says that Bowery is more than 100 times more efficient than a square foot of farmland, in large part because the startup can grow 365 days a year. Bowery doesnt use any pesticides or agri-chemicals. Normally out in a field that would lead to reduction in yield, but Bowery has more crop cycles per year, grows twice as fast as a field, and has higher yield per crop cycle, says Fain. Its a better product for us and better way of growing and less destructive to the earth, says Fain. Were using technology to grow the purest food possible.

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