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What if...

Dear friends,

The coronavirus continues to spread in some places. Official Johns Hopkins statistics state that several million have died around the world and many more are dying every day. Caution is clearly warranted to protect our health and that of our loved ones.

Yet what if...

What if there are some powerful people in our world with no sense of morality or ethics?

What if some of those people – let's call them the power elite – have risen to top positions in government and corporations?

What if they at times band together in secret meetings to coordinate how they can get more money and more control over the public?

What if these elites have learned to take advantage of big shocks to the public – like pandemics and terrorist attacks – to forward their control agendas and make huge profits from predictable market swings and fear-based purchasing?

What if these heartless elites have developed many ways to stealthily fan the flames of fear during these shocks to make the public even more afraid and more willing to surrender their freedoms to the authorities?

What if besides the huge profits to be made by these elites, the coronavirus is being used as a further test to see how much we are willing give up our freedoms when fear runs rampant?

What if we, the people, learn to recognize this as it's happening?

What if each of us has incredible untapped power as sovereign individuals to follow our inner and higher guidance and to transform fear into love no matter what challenges we face?

What if the vast majority of us on this planet in our core really want to find ways to love and support each other in finding deeper meaning and greater harmony in our lives?

A Brief History of Recent Epidemic Scares

Anthrax – 2001

When letters containing anthrax were mailed to two U.S. senators shortly after the 9/11 attacks, government and media sources immediately fanned widespread fear of massive infections around the U.S.. People around the country. greatly feared the deadly anthrax. Yet in the end, as stated in this 2011 NPR article, "Five people died from inhaling anthrax and 17 others were infected."

This Oct. 26, 2001 New York Times article states "Bayer agreed ... to sell 100 million tablets of its anthrax medicine, Cipro, to the government for 95 cents apiece. But while Bayer nearly halved its previous price, three big pharmaceutical companies have since stepped forward to offer large quantities of their antibiotics free."

So the U.S. government turned down the free drugs and spent the $95 million, yet the vast majority of those Cipro pills were never taken and have now passed their expiration date and so were wasted. So who profited from all the fear?

Avian Flu – 2005-06

2005 BBC News article titled "Bird flu 'could kill 150m people’": “A flu pandemic could happen at any time and kill between 5 – 150 million people, a UN health official has warned. David Nabarro, who is charged with coordinating responses to bird flu, said a mutation of the virus affecting Asia could trigger new outbreaks. The WHO spokesman on influenza, Dick Thompson, told a news conference in Geneva that the WHO's official estimate of the number of people who could die was between two million and 7.4 million.”

2008 article in Nature on avian flu: "The 88 cases and 59 deaths reported last year are lower than the 2006 peak of 115 cases and 79 deaths."

2006 article in UK's Independent titled "Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug": "The US Defence Secretary has made more than $5m (£2.9m) in capital gains from selling shares in the biotechnology firm that discovered and developed Tamiflu, the drug being bought in massive amounts by Governments to treat a possible human pandemic of the disease. More than 60 countries have so far ordered large stocks of the antiviral medication. The drug was developed by a Californian biotech company, Gilead Sciences. Mr Rumsfeld was on the board of Gilead from 1988 to 2001, and was its chairman from 1997. He then left to join the Bush administration, but retained a huge shareholding."

The final tally of avian flu fatalities was under 200 for the "pandemic" of 2005 and 2006. So when the UN and WHO officials who were charged with handling these matters fomented fear by claiming many millions could die, they exaggerated by more than 10,000 times the number who actually died. So how much can we trust the UN and WHO in these matters? And who profited from all the fear spread around the word?

Swine Flu (H1N1) – 2009-10

2010 article in the Washington Post titled "Reports accuse WHO of exaggerating H1N1 threat, possible ties to drug makers": "European criticism of the World Health Organization's handling of the H1N1 pandemic intensified ... with the release of two reports that accused the agency of exaggerating the threat posed by the virus and failing to disclose possible influence by the pharmaceutical industry on its recommendations for how countries should respond. The WHO's response caused widespread, unnecessary fear and prompted countries around the world to waste millions of dollars. At the same time, the Geneva-based arm of the United Nations relied on advice from experts with ties to drug makers."

2010 article in the UK's Guardian titled "Swine flu was as elusive as WMD": "Health chiefs should admit they were wrong – yet again – about a global pandemic. Virologist John Oxford said half the population could be infected [in the UK]. Chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson [warned that] '65,000 could die', peaking at 350 corpses a day. The media went berserk. The World Health Organisation declared a 'six-level alert' so as to 'prepare the world for an imminent attack'. If anyone dared question this drivel, they were dismissed by Donaldson as 'extremists'. In the UK, [only] 360 people have died under its influence, most with prior 'non-flu' conditions. Swine flu is not nice ... but bears no relation to the government hysteria."

2012 article in the Los Angeles Times titled "No magic bullet on the flu": “Two employees of a communications company [revealed] they had been paid to ghostwrite some of the Tamiflu studies [and] had been given explicit instructions to ensure that a key message was embedded in the articles: Flu is a threat, and Tamiflu is the answer."

2014 Reuters article titled "Stockpiles of Roche Tamiflu drug are waste of money": "Scientists from the respected research network the Cochrane Review said that the medicines had few if any beneficial effects, but did have adverse side effects. The United States has spent more than $1.3 billion buying a strategic reserve of antivirals including Tamiflu, while the British government has spent almost 424 million pounds ($703 million) on a stockpile of some 40 million Tamiflu doses."

Thanks to the huge fear generated worldwide, literally billions of dollars were spent by more than 60 countries around the world stockpiling Tamiflu to prevent both the avian and swine flus. As the meds had a shelf life of seven years, almost all of those millions of doses eventually went down the drain, while the billions of dollars spent flowed straight into the coffers of big Pharma and into the pockets of the politicians who supported them. Fomenting fear clearly can be very profitable for some.

Zika Virus – 2015-16

2016 New York Times article titled "Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, W.H.O. Says": "The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus and its suspected link to birth defects an international public health emergency on Monday, a rare move that signals the seriousness of the outbreak. The main worry is over the virus’s possible link to microcephaly, a condition that causes babies to be born with unusually small heads and, in the vast majority of cases, damaged brains."

2016 article in BMJ (British Medical Journal) titled "Zika Virus – Fear is the Key": "Remember the WHO’s pandemic alert on swine flu some years ago? When the WHO was proactive to announce a pandemic then without any scientific justifications I was the one who wrote that that was a business stunt! People did not believe and the British Medical Journal rejected my paper. After one long year what I had predicted came true.  The link between microcephaly and the zika virus is only a hypothesis without much backing in science. This unproven allegation is neither a proper logical nor legal basis for the WHO Global Health Emergency Declaration. There are many signs that there is close cooperation between the WHO and pharmaceutical companies."

2016 Associated Press article titled "Brazil: 270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed": "Researchers have been looking at 4,180 suspected cases of microcephaly reported since October. On Wednesday, officials said they had done a more intense analysis of more than 700 of those cases, confirming 270 cases and ruling out 462 others.  Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the virus."

Fear mongering around the zika virus causing microcephaly in babies led to governments spending more than $1 billion allegedly to combat the virus. Yet the link to microcephaly was never clearly established and the WHO removed the global emergency status in November of 2016. Where did all that money go?

Coronavirus – 2020

The coronavirus has affected and killed many more people than the examples above, yet could it be that the power elite are using the same tactics to rake in profits and achieve greater control?

March 11, 2020 CNBC article titled "Marc Lipsitch, professor of epidemiology at Harvard, said ... he thinks about 40% to 70% of the world’s population could become infected with the virus, and of those, 1% will die." (Note that he's predicting 30 to 50 million deaths worldwide)

March 13, 2020 article in the Intercept titled "Big Pharma Prepares to Profit From the coronavirus": "During the current crisis, pharmaceutical makers may have even more leeway than usual because of language industry lobbyists inserted into an $8.3 billion coronavirus spending package, passed last week, to maximize their profits from the pandemic. The final aid package not only omitted language that would have limited drug makers’ intellectual property rights, it specifically prohibited the federal government from taking any action if it has concerns that the treatments or vaccines developed with public funds are priced too high.

March 18, 2020 Newsweek article titled "Inside the Military's Top Secret Plans if coronavirus Cripples Government.": "Above-Top Secret contingency plans already exist for what the military is supposed to do if all the Constitutional successors are incapacitated. Standby orders were issued more than three weeks ago to ready these plans, not just to protect Washington but also to prepare for the possibility of some form of martial law. The various plans ... are so secret that under these extraordinary plans, 'devolution' could circumvent the normal Constitutional provisions for government succession."

Dec. 16, 2020 Washington Post article titled "America’s biggest companies are flourishing during the pandemic and putting thousands of people out of work. A Post analysis found 45 of the 50 biggest U.S. companies turned a profit since March. The majority of firms cut staff and gave the bulk of profits to shareholders."

Nov. 25, 2020 New York Times article: "$1 trillion. That is the amount of new wealth American billionaires have amassed since March, at the start of the devastating lockdowns that state and local governments imposed to curb the pandemic. Billionaires amassed their new billions just as millions of other Americans plunged into dire financial straits."

So billionaires have amassed over $1 trillion in the U.S. alone, yet for the majority of citizens, average income has dropped, and unemployment and bankruptcies have soared worldwide. Not to mention the fact that depression, suicide, domestic violence, and poverty have all risen sharply. 2020 Nobel Peace Prize winner David Beasley stated, 135 million people have been pushed to "the brink of starvation" since the start of the pandemic. Yet all of this not from the coronavirus, but rather than from the policies instituted by the elite around the coronavirus.

Official Johns Hopkins statistics state that several million have died around the world and many more are dying every day. Caution is clearly warranted to protect our health and that of our loved ones, yet what if...

What If...

What if the power elite in their quest for ever more money and control are working in a variety of ways to spread fear and exaggerate the real level of danger of this coronavirus?

What if they are secretly using each succeeding crisis to see how much we are willing to voluntarily give up our freedoms?

What if the power elite is preparing us to accept martial law where Congress abdicates its power and the U.S. president becomes the supreme leader and other countries are doing the same?

What if as a counterbalance to the power elite, there are millions of people worldwide committed to revealing the deeper levels of deception and to empowering us all to open our eyes and do the right thing?

What if you are one of those?

What if there are hundreds of thousands of little-known groups and organizations around the world deeply committed to building exciting ways for us all to achieve our full potential and to face any crisis with clarity, and templates have already been built to move us in that direction?

And what if power elite's greatest fear is that each of us realize just how much power we each have as individuals and the tremendous power we have when we come together to shine light into the shadows and work together for a better world?

Resilience Guide for Coronavirus Times
1) Check-in so you don't check-out – be mindful of when you feel afraid and overwhelmed and how that might affect your ability to balance your thinking with different perspectives.
2) Question what you read – don't fall for the old maxim "if it bleeds, it leads!" 
3) Follow the money. Who is profiting both financially and politically from this pandemic?
4) Find the people in your life who can question WITH you what part of the narrative is being left out.
5) Practice self-care – any activity, hobby or way of eating that helps you remember your best self. We need to feel well in order to think well.
6) Physical distancing does not mean social distancing. Crisis brings out the humanity in us so that we are closer and more connected than ever. We are all in this together.
7) Recognize that crisis can be a powerful opportunity for learning and growth. And we always have a choice between fear and love. Let us acknowledge any fear that arises, yet then choose love.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower

Note: For lots more, see our Coronavirus Information Center. See also this excellent essay on how the virus is being used to promote the surveillance state. Another long, penetrating essay explores the long-term implications for humanity and the choices we have right now. And for how fear is used to control us and how we can transform that, don't miss this excellent essay.

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