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9/11 Cover-up Document

Missing Link
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This is one of many documents on the 9/11 summary to have disappeared since the site was established. The link to this article became inactive sometime between January and April 2007. Because this information appears to have disappeared, we provide the text of the article below. To see the original webpage from our archive, click here. 

Order 7610.4J

Special Military Operations

Effective Date:  November 3, 1998

Includes:  Change 1, effective July 3, 2000
                    Change 2, effective July 12, 2001

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Services and Responsibilities

Chapter 2

Exercise Planning

Chapter 3

Altitude Reservation (ALTRV) Procedures

Chapter 4

FAA/NORAD/PACAF Procedures for Control of Air Defense Aircraft

Chapter 5

Aircraft Movement Information Service (AMIS)

Chapter 6

Security Control of Air Traffic and Navigation Aids (SCATANA)

Chapter 7

Escort of Hijacked Aircraft

Chapter 8

Antidrug Operations

Chapter 9

Military Operations Requirements

Chapter 10

Aerial Refueling

Chapter 11

Military Training Routes (MTR)

Chapter 12

Special Military Flights and Operations

Chapter 13

Military Radar Unit Duties, Responsibilities, and Procedures


Appendices 1 through 18


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