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9-11 Cover-up Makes Headline News in England!



Dear friends,


I haven't sent any messages in a while as I've been focused on completing a very important summary on secret mind control programs for the website. I'm finally finished. Yea!!! I'll let you know more about that another time. In the meantime, the Minister of Environment of England (who just resigned in June) made headlines yesterday by presenting very specific evidence that some top officials in the US government knew about the 9-11 attacks beforehand and did nothing to stop them. He also reveals information from the PNAC report written in Sept. 2000 that shows the current administration had agreed upon plans to war in Central Asia to dominate its oil reserves before he was even elected.


The cool thing is that almost all facts presented in his long article in the Guardian (one of Britain's largest newspapers) are the same ones listed in the 9-11 timelines on He even quotes the same sources and uses some of the same wording! It's not important whether he got the info from our site or not. I'm just glad this vital news made headlines (front page) in England! BBC also had him on air, though the written report on their website doesn't list any of the verifiable details he gave in the newspaper. As I fully expected, I haven't seen this news anywhere in the American press.


You can view the full article online at:,3604,1036571,00.html


The BBC article is located at:


People are starting to wake up! We have the opportunity to create big changes for the better in this world. I'm very excited and encourage you to help spread the news and get involved in whatever way feels best for you. I hope you've had a wonderful, inspiring August and wish you a month ahead filled with love and healing. Take care!


With love and best wishes,



PS If you haven't seen our 9-11 timelines, they are easily accessed though our homepage at


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