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MSV Explorer amphibious vehicle promises perpetual motion
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of MSN

MSN, December 14, 2012
Posted: December 24th, 2012

As if the images of this MSV Explorer prototype amphibious vehicle werent arresting enough, Cornish inventor Chris Garner claims to have solved the centuries-old conundrum of perpetual motion which could lead to electric cars that never have to be recharged. Garner ... is utterly convinced that what hes come up with will work, saying hes spent 35,000 hours of science on the project so far. Its called the hyper performance gyro generator, and he doesnt just want us to take his word for it instead hes having it tested ... at the University of Plymouth next week. Garner prefers to call it self-sustaining energy. He explained that the gyro gen functions on the principle that it can go from 1rpm to 6,000rpm with very little in the way of friction or drag. Once spinning it wont stop until it wears out. If the resulting ampage ... is higher than that required to power an electric motor then youve got free fuel for travel. In the example currently under development, the gyro gen produces 1,600 amps, far more than the 400 amps required to drive a pair of motors. The remaining electrical energy could then be used to power ancilliaries, such as air conditioning, lights and so forth. Whether it all works in reality remains to be seen well have a better idea after the tests next week but it could mean a future free from electric vehicle range anxiety for all of us.

Note: To get the full story on this, click on the MSN link above and then click through the 14 slides of the vehicle there. For lots more great information on this exciting new technology, click here.

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