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Missing Link

Article Text and Verification Provided Below

This is one of many documents related to the elections cover-up document to have disappeared since the November 2004 election. Because this information appears to have disappeared, we provide the text of the article below. You can also view our previously downloaded copy of this page at

For another method of verifying this text, you can use the Internet archive. Go to After erasing the "http://" already in the box, copy and paste the original Internet address of the article (immediately below) into the "Wayback Machine." Then click on the "Take Me Back" button. Click on any date to see the original article as it was posted on the date listed.

To see the original elections cover-up document, click here.


Todd Urosevich
Vice President, Customer Support

Todd's involvement in the election industry dates back to our nation's Bi-Centennial year with his very first election equipment installation in Buchanan County Missouri (which includes St. Joseph, Missouri and the home of Jesse James). Todd's career responsibilities eventually included over 17 years as Vice President of Customer Service for both American Information Systems, Inc. (AIS) and ES&S. He is currently Vice President, Customer Support at Election Systems and Software.

Todd, with his over 27 years of election industry experience, is uniquely well-qualified to lead the ES&S Customer Support team which includes Customer Service, Technical Support, and Election Product Sales. In addition to Todd's Domestic Sales responsibilities he is also the National Field Sales Manager for Canada and the Caribbean.

* Successfully managed the delivery and installation of election solutions in over 100 U.S. counties annually from 1989 to 1994.
* Former Vice President of Customer Service and Board Member, AIS
* Company Spokesperson for ES&S since 1998

BS Business Administration, University of Northern Colorado

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