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Startling Personal Story on Why I Don't Trust Big Pharma

Dear friends,

I have waited 17 years to share this startling story to protect the main person involved. Yet now feels like the time to share it without giving names. It will help you understand my deep distrust of the major pharmaceutical companies. First, a brief background to the story.

As some of you know, I was a debunker of major conspiracies until my eyes were opened by one life-changing video in July of 2001. I had served in the White House as a language interpreter for presidents and had seen nothing of the sort. So I would quietly laugh at one housemate and a few other friends who tried to convince me that crazy things were going on well hidden from the public.

After my sudden awakening to these deeper realities, I dove full time into exploring what was really going on behind the scenes. This is what led to my setting up in early 2003 to share my findings with all who wanted to know.

I soon found many avenues of exploration. One of the most intriguing and rewarding came on my interpreting trips visiting many places and people around the country and even overseas. I had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of fascinating people in my travels. When I had the opportunity to really connect with someone, I would drop subtle hints about my Internet work to see if they might be interested or even have a story to share.

Most people don't take the bait, but I was thrilled at how many did. A few shared incredible and quite valuable information. One official slipped papers under the door of my hotel room while I was interpreting for Bush in Bali. Yet the most eye-opening and disturbing story I heard came from a guy I'll call Craig who was sitting next to me when I was flying home from an interpreting assignment in 2003. More than any other, his story convinced me that big Pharma is not to be trusted when big profits are involved.

I've waited this many years to tell this story, as it could be used by those involved to do serious damage to Craig (not his real name) for telling me his secrets. I feel enough time has passed now that I can tell the story without giving names and it is very unlikely he will suffer any consequences. The story is especially poignant now with the discussion of vaccine trials and safety.

Once we struck up a conversation on our long flight, Craig turned out to be a fascinating character. He flew all over the country doing facials and make-up for the rich and famous. It turns out he was one of the top make-up artists for a well know fashion company. When I mentioned to him about, he looked at me quite intensely for a moment. He then asked if I wanted to hear his story of major corruption that had happened a few years earlier. I was all ears.

So on one of his trips to Las Vegas, Craig arrives at his hotel only to discover that the hotel is overbooked and has no room for him. He's quite upset about this and demands they find a room for him. They call around, but due to a big event in town, no rooms are available anywhere. Craig gets super upset and threatens to make trouble for the hotel through his connections if they don't find something soon. 15 minutes later, he's given a room in another hotel.

On settled in to his new hotel room, Craig is still fuming about the hotel's screw up. He decides to check his email to get his mind off it. After a couple minutes, he is startled when he opens a very strange email. It informs him about the results of a study on a new drug (which even now is used commonly in hospital emergency rooms). This drug was developed and tested by the large corporation which owns his company.

The email informs him that over 1% of participants in some of the drug trials died as a direct result of this medication. It goes on to say that top executives have made deals with the contacts in the FDA to cover this up, so that the FDA will still agree to give approval to the drug, despite the high death rate.

Craig is quite shaken after reading this email. He knows that one of the top executives in the parent corporation that owns his company has the same name as his, as he's received a couple emails in the past meant for this guy that were mistakenly sent to him. He figures he must have mistakenly received this message which was meant for that executive. He also is quite nervous knowing that whoever sent the email would not be happy to know he read it.

A short time later, Craig receives a phone call. A man on the other end is ranting and screaming at him, saying, “Who the hell do you think you are reading other people’s email! If you say a word about any of this you can kiss your ass good-bye!” To make things even stranger, because of his hotel change, no one knows where Craig is staying, not even his partner. How did this guy know where he was and get his phone number? He hadn't called or told anyone of his change of hotel due to the originally booked hotel's mistake. This call really shakes him up.

Now, later in the evening, Craig turns on his computer to check his email again only to find that all of his emails have been completely erased and that his entire email program is gone! Then, two weeks later, his computer literally melts from the inside out, completely destroying it. The experienced company technician he brings it to says he has never seen anything like it.

I was stunned to hear Craig's disturbing story. He had no reason to make up something like this or lie to me. Before the story, we had just been having an engaging conversation and he seemed perfectly normal and reasonable. As this was only one of many intriguing stories I’d heard from people I had run into, and as I had learned by then about huge corruption in many drug companies, I'm almost certain his story was true. I took notes at the time which I used to write this story now.

If a drug company would collude with government in a way that sacrificed many people's lives in exchange for big profits, I concluded that it is best to not trust both government and big Pharma in anything involving profits. So when the avian flu hit in 2005-06, the swine flu in 2009-10 and the Zika Virus in 2015-16, I thoroughly researched each pandemic and found easily verifiable corruption and government collusion that led to many billions of tax dollars being funneled into the coffers of big Pharma through purchases of drugs that were almost completely wasted. You can read my findings in verifiable research presented on this webpage.

So when the coronavirus hit, I was immediately suspicious with the amount of intense fear being spread by the media and government. I also questioned the huge push for vaccines, which according to the UK's Financial Times, are among big Pharma's best selling products that bring in huge profits. The damage done by the virus has been absolutely tragic, yet given all this, you can likely understand why I deeply question the official story of what's happening and the drug companies role in it. And there are many reasons for concern around these little-tested vaccines.

Having researched and reported on such matters full time now for over 16 years, I have very little doubt that there is a deeper agenda going on. Another amazing woman has come to similar conclusions after her decades of research. Catherine Austin Fitts was the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under George H.W. Bush. Yet when she tried to clean up the massive corruption she found there, she was attacked in many ways and became a whistleblower. You can read this courageous hero's amazing and inspiring story about this on this webpage.

I mention Catherine because the best summary of the deeper levels of deception I've found on the coronavirus is a 45-minute interview she gave. An economic genius of the highest order, in this video she brilliantly explores the deeper agenda of all that's going on with the coronavirus and how it relates to a major shift in our monetary system. If you want to be fully informed, I most highly recommend you consider the information in the interview at the link below. In the first 10 minutes she presents a great summary of her research.

The coronavirus is causing tragic suffering and death around the world. Yet could it be that big Pharma and rogue elements of government are taking advantage of the situation to pad their pockets and gain greater control? By informing ourselves, questioning the official story using the most reliable sources available, and working together to expose corruption and support to good of all of us, I have no doubt we can make a real difference in our world. May we find ever more ways to relieve the suffering and inspire each other to our innate greatness.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former White House interpreter and whistleblower
January 14, 2020

Note: To read some of the fascinating experiences I had while serving as a high level interpreter, see this webpage. For what I find to be the best sources of reliable information on how the virus is being used for personal profit and control, I most highly recommend the work of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his large team at Children's Health Defense and independent investigator Jeremy Hammond. I'm subscribed to both of their email lists. For RFK, Jr.'s personal story of finding incriminating documents revealing a major cover-up around vaccines, see this webpage.

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