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Psychic Spying?

Washington Post on Psychic Spying aka Remote viewing

"Pat Price gave an incredibly detailed description of a supposedly secret, underground military installation in Virginia. "Hell, there's no security left," a government security officer exclaimed upon hearing of Price's alleged success at psychic spying."
  ~~  Washington Post article titled "Psychic Spying?", August 7, 1977

Note that this article strangely is not to be found anywhere in the online archives of the Washington Post. It is still available for a fee in the archives of smaller newspapers which published the article.

Note: Explore an abundance of excellent videos and other information on remote viewing on this webpage. For those interested in learning how to do remote viewing, check out the free materials available on this webpage of the Farsight Institute.

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  • Read a declassified CIA document about serious experiments and research into ESP at this link. Pages 10 - 22 are most relevant (Start with 0000017395_0010.TIF). The title of this CIA documents is "Experimental Analysis of Extrasensory Perception." The revealing page 18 is available here.
  • See a detailed, revealing timeline on remote viewing's Scientology connection.
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  • Visit our comprehensive Mind Control Information Center at this link.
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