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When scientific power outruns moral power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Hey readers,

Our new Military-Intelligence Corruption Information Center is now up! Military-Intelligence Corruption Information Center

Over the last 20+ years, has summarized over a thousand news articles on deep corruption within our military and intelligence systems. Going deeper, we have gathered a comprehensive collection of verifiable resources, videos, books, and declassified government documents.  The launch of our new information center is especially important in a time where geopolitical conflict and our media systems are polarizing society on a massive scale. We must not participate in the agendas of warmongers, who view humans as disposable means for profit and control.

We’ll present a sobering investigation into the US war machine: what it is, who benefits, and who pays the price. The true impacts of US military-intelligence activities in countries all over the world are examined, from World War II to our present moment in time.

In this information center, we have gathered 21 key areas of focus for understanding military-intelligence corruption:

Unaccountable Military Spending
Arms Industry Corruption
Human Rights Abuses and the Murder of Innocent Civilians
Environmental Harms
Emerging Warfare Technology
Non-Lethal Weapons Harms
Mission Creep
Torture Programs
War as a Tool for Hidden Agendas
War Failures and Lies
What is the Deep State?
Operation Paperclip
Rise of the CIA
MKUltra Program
Who’s Behind the War on Drugs?
The CIA’s Mighty Wurlitzer
Operation Mockingbird and Media Manipulation
News Articles Archive
Free Videos
Free PEERS Course on War Corruption

After studying the subject extensively, we decided to include a section that we feel is key to making sense of deep military-intelligence corruption: What is the Deep State? The US government and military as a whole are beholden to covert, special interests that drive the crimes against humanity that we document. Most government officials and military service members are good people, unaware of the crimes being committed in their name.

And this is just the beginning! We plan on adding a section on political assassinations. As more information comes to light, we will continue updating the information center with verifiable sources and trustworthy information.

What is presented in this information center will likely be challenging, sad, and shocking for those who want to know. Yet real information can be empowering. It helps us understand the root causes of human and environmental suffering: the money, players, and belief systems that drive the machine. It invites us to question authority in healthy ways, across political differences. Yet most importantly, challenging information can paradoxically remind us of the greater good. It is the courage of the people and the love for the common good that bring these injustices to light—fueling open dialogue and constructive action.

We live in a time where there’s an acceleration of polarized thinking. It’s us versus them, whoever they are. And the government helps to feed that. The government generates perceptions. And people think, well, there must be a reason for the government’s position on this war. The truth of the matter is that we’re in a heavily militarized society driven by greed, lust for profit, and wars are being created just to keep fueling that. It moves right into this … idea of a manifest destiny. And then you leap into the 21st century where there are still people who believe, as in the Project for the New American Century, that it has to be that America must rule the world.

We don’t always consider that we’re inheritors not only of a physical world, but we’re inheritors of a consciousness. We’re inheritors of thought structures. And the thought structures that we’ve inherited no longer serve a practical purpose in this country. We move into a false consciousness of fear, of separation from the rest of the world.

I see the world as one. I think that human unity is the truth that surrounds all of us. And when we start separating ourselves, polarized thinking is a precursor of war. When we go to war, we’re living a lie. We’re separating ourselves from part of humanity. It’s a belief that we don’t have an ability to be able to solve things, and somehow the power of our weapons is greater than the power of our reason or, even deeper, the power of our heart.

— former Congressman Dennis Kucinich

I commit to staying open, never losing sight of my love and trust in humanity and the common good.

With faith in a transforming world,
Amber Yang for PEERS and

Special note: This information center was a labor of love, as we strive to be a trustworthy and balanced resource for those who want to go deeper than the official narratives. If you believe in our work, please donate to our causeYour tax-deductible donation, however large or small, makes a difference.

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