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Dear Subscribers,

In what appears to be another disturbing case of Internet censorship, the major email server has blocked the delivery of our February 20th newsletter, "Vital 9/11 Information Provides Solid Evidence of Major Cover-up." Two of our regular subscribers who use Yahoo independently notified us that the above email was "not allowed - UP Email not accepted for policy reasons." They have not had problems with other emails sent by us. This statement appears to indicate that the email was blocked because of its title and/or content. We suspect that Yahoo has adopted a policy against its customers receiving information about the 9/11 cover-up. We've heard from various sources that they are not allowing other sensitive political messages as well.

Last year briefly blocked all of our newsletters to AOL subscribers. But because so many of you wrote to them demanding a change of policy, they eventually communicated with us and removed the block. We believe that a similar outpouring of pressure may reverse Yahoo's decision to censor important messages on 9/11. Please consider writing to Yahoo and complaining about the injustice of the block they have placed on our email. If you'd like to help with this, please leave a message for Yahoo using the information below.

Email a message to Yahoo at [email protected]. (for those with a Yahoo account only) Yahoo subscribers can also call 866-562-7219 and press 1, then 3, and then 3 again to get a live operator and register a complaint.

You might also invite your friends and colleagues to join in this worthy endeavor. For any who did not receive this powerful 9/11 message filled with reliable, verifiable information suggesting a cover-up, you can find it online at And for a five-minute video showing clear Yahoo censorship of 9/11 issues in the past, click here. Thanks for caring, and you have a good day.

With best wishes,
Tod Fletcher and Fred Burks for PEERS and

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