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For NFL Giving, Warrick Dunn Is a Model
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated, January 19, 2018
Posted: December 16th, 2018

Warrick Dunn has been retired for nine years. Its interesting that, even though he is one of 31 men to rush for more than 10,000 yards in NFL history. We remember himat least I domore for giving away houses than for running for touchdown, in part because hes still doing it. Even in retirement, Dunn and his Warrick Dunn Charities are still partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for disadvantaged families across the United States. In December, Dunn and Habitat combined to build homes number 158 (in Detroit) and 159 (in Atlanta) and place two families in them before the holidays. Furnished, as Dunn like to say, all the way down to the toothbrushes in the bathroom. Recently I was with Dunn when he surprised Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson with a visit, a reminder that Dunns generosity made it possible for Watson and his single mom and family to move into a Habitat for Humanity home in Gainesville, Ga., 11 years ago. Watson made it clear that the home meant a new life and a shot at the American dream for his family. Ill never be able to thank him, and Habitat, and everyone who made it possible, enough, Watson said. I grew up in a situation where we needed a lot of support, [said Dunn]. I lost my mom at 18. Single mom, six kids, and a Baton Rouge police officer. She was gunned down by armed robbers at a bank. When she lost her life, the city of Baton Rouge started a fund for us. And thats how we were able to survive. That really helped me understand what it means to care about your neighbor.

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