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Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald

The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald, October 7, 2014
Posted: October 13th, 2014

Any doubts about whether Endless War ... is official American doctrine should be permanently erased by this weeks comments from two leading Democrats, both former top national security officials in the Obama administration. Leon Panetta, the long-time Democratic Party operative who served as Obamas Defense Secretary and CIA Director, said this week of Obamas new bombing campaign: I think were looking at kind of a 30-year war. He criticized Obama ... for being insufficiently militaristic. Then we have Hillary Clinton [who] at an event in Ottawa yesterday ... proclaimed that the fight against these militants will be a long-term struggle that should entail an information war as well as an air war. The new war, she said, is essential and the U.S. shies away from fighting it at our peril. Like Panetta (and most establishment Republicans), Clinton made clear ... that virtually all of her disagreements with Obamas foreign policy were the by-product of her view of Obama as insufficiently hawkish, militaristic and confrontational. Endless War is not dramatic rhetorical license but a precise description of Americas foreign policy. Its not hard to see why. A state of endless war justifies ever-increasing state power and secrecy and a further erosion of rights. It also entails a massive transfer of public wealth to the homeland security and weapons industry (which the US media deceptively calls the defense sector). The War on Terror ... was designed from the start to be endless. This war ... thus enables an endless supply of power and profit to flow to those political and economic factions that control the government regardless of election outcomes.

Note: Read the prophetic writings of one of the most highly decorated US generals ever describing how he discovered after retirement that war is created by bankers and mega-corporations to funnel ever more tax-payer money into their coffers. For more along these lines, see the excellent, reliable resources provided in our War Information Center.

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