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Abusive media moguls harmed more than just individual women. They shaped a misogynistic culture.
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Washington Post

Washington Post, September 13, 2018
Posted: September 17th, 2018

The powerful and now-departed men of CBS - [Les] Moonves, [Jeff] Fager and star interviewer Charlie Rose - helped shape how our society sees women. The network, after all, is the most-watched in the nation. 60 Minutes for 50 years has been the very definition of quality broadcast journalism: the gold standard. Its impossible to know how different America would be if power-happy and misogynistic men hadnt been running the show in so many influential media organizations - certainly not just CBS. What if Mark Halperin, for instance, had not been a network commentator during the 2016 presidential campaign? (James Wolcott of Vanity Fair aptly described him as ... the most influential of the men who were felled by sexual-misconduct allegations last year.) What if Bill OReilly of Fox News hadnt been the biggest cable TV star in the nation when a woman had a major-party presidential nomination for the first time? (OReilly was forced out after it emerged that he had made a $32 million settlement with an accuser.) What if Roger Ailes hadnt presided for decades over Fox News, where his own well-documented abuses bled freely into his networks commentary. A media figure doesnt have to show up for a business meeting in an open bathrobe to do harm. He can help frame the coverage of a candidates supposedly disqualifying flaws. He can squelch a writers promising work. He can threaten an underlings job if she doesnt stay in line. All these little moments add up.

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