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Ari Hallmarks Story: To Heaven After the Storm
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of WHNT-TV (Huntsville, Alabama CBS affiliate)

WHNT-TV (Huntsville, Alabama CBS affiliate), May 7, 2012
Posted: September 4th, 2012

Ari Hallmark could be one of the most remarkable 7-year-olds you will ever meet. Somewhere between gymnastics and finishing up the first grade, shes managed to become an author. What adds to Aris remarkable story is the subject of her book, titled To Heaven, After the Storm. On April 27th of last year, Ari, along with her mom and dad, Shane and Jennifer Hallmark, her grandparents, Phillip and Ann Hallmark and her two cousins, Jayden and Julie, sought shelter in a bathroom to ride out an EF-4 tornado that came through the Ruth community of Marshall County. Her book talks about it all. Only she and her cousin Julie survived. However, Ari says for a while, she joined her family members in Heaven. She describes in vivid detail seeing her father Shane, who had been bald all of her life, with hair. She writes that, my daddy did not have his glasses. She says an angel came to her and told her it was time to go back. She says she then remembers waking up in a field near the house. The proceeds from Aris book will help a ministry for other children dealing with death. Her therapist suggested the idea. Shes was like, Hey, lets make a book. And do it to help other kids, Ari says.

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