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DA Who Never Charged Sandusky Has Been Missing Since 2005
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of NBC Philadelphia

NBC Philadelphia, November 10, 2011
Posted: November 15th, 2011

It is strange that Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar never prosecuted Jerry Sandusky on child-rape charges 13 years ago, some speculate, because Gricar was known for being fiercely independent and hard on crime. But it is even stranger that we cannot ask Gricar why Sandusky was not put behind bars, because the tough-as-nails district attorney disappeared in 2005. And though he was declared dead July of this year, his body has never been found. He disappeared on April 15, 2005 after telling his girlfriend that he was going on a drive. Ray Gricars car was found the next day in a Lewisburg parking lot and his laptop, sans hard drive, was found in the Susquehanna River. Ray Gricars friend, Montour County District Attorney Robert Buehner Jr., told the New York Times that if the ardent district attorney had committed suicide, he would have wanted his body found. But in the case of possible foul play, no suspects have emerged from investigations. When it comes to the Sandusky case, friends and former co-workers are all of the opinion that Ray Gricar would never back down from a righteous prosecution.

Note: Is it just a coincidence that Gricar never charged Sandursky (a rare act of tolerance for crime on the DA's part) and subsequently disappeared (a very rare occurrence for anyone)?

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