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Doctor Transparency: Why Leana Wen Received Threats After Launching
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of International Business Times

International Business Times, November 19, 2014
Posted: December 22nd, 2014

Leana Wen created the Whos My Doctor campaign last year. The effort ... goes a step further than the federal governments mandate requiring physicians to disclose all money they receive from drug companies. Last month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released data that outlined the $3.5 billion that companies paid to the nations doctors. The Open Payments database ... was heavily opposed by physician groups and pharmaceutical companies. Incentives matter, said Wen in a recent TED talk, If you go to your doctor because of back pain, you might want to know hes getting paid $5,000 to perform spine surgery versus $25 to refer you to see a physical therapist. As part of the Whos My Doctor effort, each physician voluntarily publishes a Total Transparency Manifesto, which ... flows into a searchable database that prospective patients can use. One year after starting the project, only 34 transparent doctors are listed on the website. There are many more who were less than pleased. I thought some doctors would sign on and others wouldnt, but I had no idea of the backlash that would ensue, she said in her TED talk. The criticism quickly went beyond online comments. Soon, people were asking Wens employer to fire her, and sending mail to her home address with threats.

Note: Don't miss the inspiring TED talk of Dr. Wen. And check out her website "Who's My Doctor" at

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