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Genetically modified salmon OKd, opponents object
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco's leading newspaper)

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco's leading newspaper), November 19, 2015
Posted: November 23rd, 2015

Consumer advocates, environmental groups, fishermen and retailers reacted strongly to the federal governments announcement Thursday approving genetically modified salmon for consumer use. The landmark approval - the first genetically engineered food animal endorsed for sale in the United States - has sparked a passionate response ... especially because it will not require special labelling. Around 2 million people previously filed public comments against the FDAs approval of what opponents call Frankenfish, and the Center for Food Safety announced Thursday that it would sue the FDA in response. This sets the bar incredibly low for engineered animals, said Michael Hansen, senior scientist at Consumers Union. There were serious problems with the safety assessment. At least 60 retailers - including chains like Safeway, Target, Whole Foods and Trader Joes, as well as local independent grocers like Bi-Rite and Rainbow Community Market - have made a pledge with Friends of the Earth not to sell the salmon when it goes to market. Chief among concerns about the GMO salmon is its potential for causing allergies and its ability to contaminate wild populations. Testing for potential allergens was only done on a very small sample size. The tested fish actually did show a higher allergenicity. Critics are also concerned about the fishs ability to escape and cause environmental harm.

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