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History Channel gets it right about UFOs
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Sarasota Herald Tribune (Leading newspaper of Sarasota, Florida)

Sarasota Herald Tribune (Leading newspaper of Sarasota, Florida), August 26, 2011
Posted: August 30th, 2011

Thursday nights Secret Access report by The History Channel UFOs On The Record is the sort of crisp advocacy journalism one might easily envision in PBS Frontline rotation. Devoid of the tripe that too often characterizes network programming on this issue, UFOs On The Record is a foundational model for jump-starting a national conversation so desperately overdue. The 96-minute documentary, built upon Leslie Keans UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, was produced by filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sudberg. Like Kean, they made no unsubstantiated claims and dispensed with the uninformed ruminations of so-called UFO skeptics that pass for balance in mainstream formulas. Instead, they mined official documents and eyewitnesses to build a compelling case for the serious disconnect between reality and American public policy. For Keans readers, the Secret Access treatment covered familiar turf: the Phoenix Lights, the Rendlesham Forest incident, the 1989-90 Belgian wave, etc. But watching many of the players in the book like former Federal Aviation Administration accidents division chief John Callahan, and retired Belgian Gen. Wilfried De Brouwer as they physically reconstructed complex interactions between UFOs and jet planes brought the enormity of the transactions to life.

Note: We don't usually use newspapers of smaller cities as a reliable source, but as no other major media reported on this most powerful documentary on UFOs, we're including this one here. To watch this astounding documentary free online, click here. For another detailed article on the program, click here.

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