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How realistic is TNTs Proof? Ask a real-life near-death researcher
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Washington Post

Washington Post, July 25, 2015
Posted: August 23rd, 2015

How realistic is your favorite paranormal TV drama? Proof, a new summer series on TNT ... stars Jennifer Beals as a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon recruited by a billionaire to investigate near-death experiences. You may or may not believe in such phenomena, but there are serious researchers exploring this realm. The University of Virginias Division of Perceptual Studies [is] one of only two university-affiliated labs in the country still doing parapsychology research. How realistic does Proof seem to real-life near-death researchers? [According to] Jim Tucker, director of U.Va.s perceptual studies lab: Patients whove died for a time have accurately reported conversations that took place outside of their hospital rooms. Some have reported seeing deceased relatives that at the time they didnt know were deceased." But the researchers give a thumbs-down to the shows treatment of reincarnation studies. Seems a little unrealistic, said Tucker, after watching an episode where a patient undergoes hypnosis and suddenly remembers a past life. Tucker and his colleagues dont place much stock in the idea of hypnotic regression of adults in order to remember past lives. The Virginia lab has extensively explored the potential of past-life memories, he said but with an exclusive focus on very young children who, in their early years of talking, have spontaneously reported what seem to be accounts of previous lives, no hypnosis involved. "They left out the most important part, which is that the children we work with report actual memories of past lives."

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