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It can rewire peoples brains: how traumatised veterans turned to underground MDMA therapy
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of The Guardian (One of the UK's leading newspapers)

The Guardian (One of the UK's leading newspapers), November 17, 2018
Posted: November 26th, 2018

Dead Dog on the Left isnt just a documentary about the use of ecstasy in treating PTSD, its a story of the lengths one former marine will go to for friendship. [Tyler] McCourry and [Nigel] Flanigan are the subjects of [the] mini-documentary taken from a forthcoming feature film, MDMA the Movie, which explores the history of the so-called party drug more popularly known as ecstasy, its use in therapy, and harm reduction. Both films are directed by Emanuel Sferios. His protagonists may have survived the Iraq war, but only barely. Suicidal thoughts have stalked them both. In May 2012 McCourry did his first [MDMA-assisted psychotherapy] session ... lying in bed, flanked by two therapists. At the beginning of the session he was given a 75mg dose of MDMA. During those eight hours youre addressing the most challenging situations in your life, he says. It feels very exhausting, like it was some of the most work youve ever done in one day. McCourry calls those trials, now completed, a transformation of the psyche. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA. Since the MDMA therapy Im able to recognise when something comes up that I need to talk about, [McCourry] says. McCourry hopes that the therapy will be adopted by the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense. If you can cure PTSD after three sessions of MDMA therapy then you dont have to provide a veteran with medications for the rest of their life and talk therapy once a month.

Note: A touching 26-documentary on this case is available at the above link. Articles like this suggest that the healing potentials of mind-altering drugs are gaining mainstream scientific credibility.

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