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Jeffrey Epsteins lust for young girls appears uncontrollable, judge says in denying bail to accused sex trafficker
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of CNBC News

CNBC News, July 18, 2019
Posted: July 22nd, 2019

A federal judge on Thursday denied bail to wealthy investor Jeffrey Epstein, citing the potential danger to new victims from his apparently uncontrollable sexual fixation on young girls, and the risk that Epstein would flee to avoid prosecution for child sex trafficking charges. The decision by Judge Richard Berman means that the 66-year-old Epstein will remain in jail pending trial in the case, where he faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted. Berman, in a damning written order ... said that lewd photos of young women found in Epsteins mansion are troubling, as is evidence that he tried to influence the potential testimony of accusers and people who allegedly abetted his conduct. This newly discovered evidence also suggests that Mr. Epstein poses ongoing and forward-looking danger, the judge wrote. Mr. Epsteins dangerousness is considerable and includes sex crimes with minor girls and tampering with potential witnesses. In the order, Berman said, Mr. Epsteins alleged excessive attraction to sexual conduct with or in the presence of minor girls - which is said to include his soliciting and receiving massages from young girls and young women perhaps as many as four times a day - appears likely to be uncontrollable. I doubt any bail package could overcome dangerousness ... to community, Berman said during the hearing, agreeing with the recommendation by prosecutors to keep Epstein locked up.

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