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Jimmy Savile sought Margaret Thatcher Stoke Mandeville help
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of BBC News

BBC News, December 27, 2012
Posted: April 16th, 2013

Jimmy Savile met Margaret Thatcher several times to get support for his Stoke Mandeville Hospital appeal, newly released government papers show. In letters they exchanged, released by the National Archives, Savile tells Mrs Thatcher that the patients at the hospital love her - and he does too. The government eventually gave 500,000 to the Buckinghamshire hospital. The papers also show Savile approached Mrs Thatcher about tax relief on charitable donations. The charitable covenant rules at the time meant a donor would have to commit to give to a charity for seven years for their donations to be eligible for tax relief. The documents show Mrs Thatcher thought the so-called "seven-year rule" was a disincentive to charitable giving, "and that three years might be a more reasonable period". In a letter to the prime minister a week later, Savile says he waited before thanking her for the "lunch invitation" because he did not want to be "too effusive". In a letter to Savile, dated 25 February 1980 and addressed "Dear Jimmy", Mrs Thatcher said: "I am interested in the subject myself and I am now looking into it." Other related documents also released by the National Archives show that at a private meeting with Mrs Thatcher in January 1981, Savile raised the possibility of "some government support" as a "goodwill gesture" for the Stoke Mandeville spinal injuries unit appeal. The records show Mrs Thatcher and Savile then met for a private lunch on 8 March 1981 and, in a handwritten note to her private secretary at the time, she says she "promised to get government contribution".

Note: CNN strangely included several photos of Savile and Thatcher together as they reported on her death, as shown at this link. For deeply revealing reports from reliable major media sources on sexual abuse scandals, click here.

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