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Married, With Art [The Podestas]
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Washington Post

Washington Post, September 23, 2004
Posted: January 23rd, 2017

[Tony] Podesta is counted among the nation's most important contemporary art collectors. Inside the elite Chelsea galleries, he and his wife, Heather, are gossiped about. All the art stars know their names. In Washington, the couple is recognized, too. Podesta, 60, has ridden a long career on Capitol Hill to his current perch as a top-tier lobbyist. He spearheaded President Clinton's successful 1996 Pennsylvania campaign. Tony and Heather don't shy away from discomfort -- especially when they can inflict it, ever so gently, on others. Tony favors art with in-your-face nudity and social critique. Tony's younger brother John (yes, that John, Bill Clinton's former chief of staff) admires his choices. A piece in the[ir] Woodley Park living room, [a] nearly eight-foot-tall color photo by British artist Sam Taylor-Wood [is] an update of a late-15th-century painting of the dead Jesus. Taylor-Wood faithfully replicates the original ... in vivid color and minute detail. Just one thing: Taylor-Wood omits the shroud, displaying his subject in all his nakedness. "You've got to be pretty secure to have an eight-foot-tall naked man in your living room in Washington, D.C.," Heather says. Folks attending a house tour ... earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents' suburban homes. "They were horrified," Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.

Note: Tony is listed among the top 50 most important people in Washington by GC magazine, while Tony' s brother John, Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, does not make the list. Both Tony and John have been implicated in the Pizzagate scandal. For undeniable evidence that there are powerful child prostitution rings which lead to the highest levels of government, watch the suppressed Discovery Channel documentary "Conspiracy of Silence." For more along these lines, see concise summaries of revealing news articles on sex abuse scandals from major media sources.

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