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Sharyl Attkisson paints CBS News as a bunch of cowards
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Washington Post blog

Washington Post blog, March 21, 2014
Posted: April 29th, 2014

The renowned correspondent [Sharyl Attkisson] recently bolted CBS News after prolonged turmoil and tensions over her work and how it fit with a mainstream broadcast network. Attkisson pushed super-hard on stories that painted the Obama administration in a bad light, including coverage of the Fast & Furious gun-interdiction program and Benghazi. She also covered aviation, Obamacare and other [issues]. She worked at the network for two decades. In a chat today with Attkisson, [radio host Chris Stigall on Philadelphia station WPHT] wisely picked up on the question of air time. He asked whether CBS News had instructed Attkisson to knock it off with her anti-Obama stories and denied her exposure for such fare. The response from Attkisson was ... damning: "With various stories, you do get the idea at some point that they want you to stop, especially if you start to dig down right into something very, very important, and its not just with political stories its with stories that go after other interests, corporations, different things. There seems to come a point when you get close, they seem to not be interested in the stories anymore sometimes and some people ... or some managers act as though, yes, youre a problem if you keep pursuing the questions." She had blockbuster scoops perhaps many of them that her bosses all but killed. "Why be at a place where ... youve never been better positioned to break original investigative stories but have nothing that you can do with them once you do so. Thats sort of the position I felt I was in.

Note: For more on stories by Ms. Attkisson suppressed by her bosses, click here. To visit the website managed by her, click here.

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