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Sweden’s Export-Driven Economy Reaches Pre-Pandemic Level
Key Excerpts from Article on Website of Bloomberg

Bloomberg, May 28, 2021
Posted: June 13th, 2021

Sweden’s economy returned to its pre-pandemic level in the first quarter as the recovery in the largest Nordic economy is outpacing most of its wealthy peers. The gross domestic product was unchanged in the first quarter from the year-earlier level, on a calendar-adjusted basis, according to the Stockholm-based statistics office. Like the rest of the Nordic region, Sweden has weathered the Covid crisis better than most thanks in large part to generous welfare systems and widespread digitalization that made working from home easier. Even as the 14-day infection rate is the highest in Europe, according to WHO, the government plans to go ahead with a gradual softening of Covid-restrictions starting next month. “Sweden is closing in at its pre-virus peak of activity quicker than most European countries, helped by a rebound in consumption and strong export growth. Data released on Thursday also showed overall confidence levels in the economy surged to an all-time high in April, in a surprise to economists.

Note: Sweden is doing better than the US and most of its European neighbors both economically and in number of deaths per million. Yet this article fails to mention that their government never required masks and had no lockdown even though they were hit hard by the virus in the beginning. The media and so many others were predicting Sweden would be a disaster. Could it be that masks and the lockdown were not as effective as many say? For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on the coronavirus from reliable major media sources.

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