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On Duality and Judgment


July 13, 2003

Dear friends,


While doing my morning stretching the other day, I had a powerful realization. I realized that for thousands of years this world has been focused on judgmental duality. The mass consensus has long judged most everything in terms of light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, us vs. them. We've been indoctrinated to embrace the light, while avoiding and separating ourselves from darkness, as it is evil. As a result of this judgmental duality, we've ended up in many deep conflicts and wars both in the world and inside of ourselves.


I sense that humanity is now on the brink of a paradigm shift. It is time now to embrace both light and darkness, both good and evil, both us and them. It is time to recognize that all of these are simply aspects or manifestations of the same divine spirit, of God, of the All That Is. It's time to open to darkness, evil, and "them" as our long-neglected brothers, as divine manifestations of God who can help us to learn and grow.


By opening to the darkness, I'm not in the least suggesting that we unleash our base desires and do whatever we want to whoever we want. We need to stop disempowering behaviors whenever possible. I'm suggesting, rather, that we do our best to accept, understand, and learn from the darkness, which causes negative behaviors. I'm suggesting that even as we stop negative behaviors, we open to seeing beyond the behavior to the divine spark at the essence of all beings. In doing this, we allow for deep healing to occur. By accepting and embracing the essence of all people and all parts of ourselves as divine, we open the doors to deep healing and love for all of us.


The new paradigm pierces the veil of judgment to see the absolute divinity that lies deep within each of us. No matter how "evil" some people or some parts of ourselves may appear from the outside, deep down we are all love. We are all divine. The darkness is a divine teacher with its own divine purpose. We are all here to learn from and love each other. By welcoming back these lost parts of ourselves--these parts of ourselves we have long judged, blamed, and avoided--we not only allow for deep healing, we invite a deep transformation of all humanity into divine beings capable of powerfully spreading love around the planet.


I am deeply committed to helping birth this new paradigm by living it as consciously as I can every day and every moment of my life. I invite all who resonate with this to join me. I invite you all to join in transcending the old paradigm of judgmental duality. Let us create a new paradigm of deep healing and love for all creatures on this planet and in the universe. Together, we are creating a brighter future by choosing to open to all that we are in this sacred moment!


With wishes for lots of love, healing, and empowerment to all that you are,



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