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New Energy Invention Goes Open Source
And the Power of the New Media

Dear friends,

I have been following the new energy movement closely for seven years now. One of the most courageous leaders of the new energy movement, Sterling Allan, has become a personal friend who I highly respect for his integrity and his excellent open source website packed with valuable information on alternate energy sources and new energy inventions. On March 18th, Sterling began reporting on a fascinating magnetic motor that has recently been developed which, according to its inventor, runs without any external input.

I've been following this development closely and included links for those interested in the special note at the end of our recent weekly news summaries. Sterling is fairly convinced that this device is the real deal. The inventor, who goes by the name Mylow, has been very open and transparent in revealing everything that he is doing. He has posted detailed videos on exactly how he made this magnetic motor and allowed Sterling to publicize it widely.

Sterling has been in frequent phone contact with Mylow over the past couple weeks. He has even helped him to get better magnets to improve the functioning of the device. Then last weekend, Sterling emailed saying that a strange, intimidating man showed up in Mylow's home the evening of April 2nd. He confiscated the motor. Yet strangely, this man returned later with the motor slightly damaged and warnings not to pursue this "toy." If this is true, we have a clear example of suppression of a powerful new energy technology.

I recently began work as a citizen reporter at the online news service, partially for the reason that when breaking stories like this occur, I can quickly make the news available to a wide audience over the Internet. Unlike, news reports on are included in Google News searches within 12 hours or so of posting. reports also often show up very high in rankings on search engines. To read the article I wrote on this fascinating new energy invention and the intimidation shortly after it occurred (good links included) click here.

Yet strangely, this particular article on Mylow's invention did not and does not show up in the Google news search (articles usually remain for about a month). Of ten articles I've written so far at, all but two of them have shown up in Google News searches. You can test this for yourself by going to the link below, which lists all articles I've written. Take any three or four words in a row from the titles of the articles, type them with quotation marks into a Google News search, and you will see the article I've written. It often shows up at the top of the list.

Note that the most recent article may not have registered yet, as it can take up to 24 hours to register. Now try "new energy invention" in your search, or any other words from the title of my article, "Amazing new energy invention confiscated: Could transform energy generation worldwide." You will see that it does not show up in the news search.

So why is it that this fascinating article on a new energy invention which could revolutionize our world does not appear anywhere in the news search? Is this just a coincidence? Could someone be monitoring and filtering certain key items out of news searches? As I do a lot of Google news searches to compile the information we send to you, I have previously come to suspect that there is some form of censorship in their news searches. This furthers my suspicions, though we can't know for certain.

The New Media: Breaking Through Censorship

Many of us have felt for a long time that the old media is fading and a new, citizen-based media is gradually replacing it. Many alternative news websites are growing in popularity as newspapers around the world are losing readership, with some even closing. One of the most exciting developments is citizen-based reporting on certain online news websites. On these informative sites, caring citizens report the news directly without the censorship of major media editors and corporate ownership. Though only started a year ago, citizen-based reporting has already had a powerful influence for a number of years all over the world.

One of the first citizen-based news services, OhmyNews in South Korea, played a decisive role in the 2002 loss of the two establishment presidential candidates, and the victory of political outsider Roh Moo Hyun, who went on to serve as president until 2008. As shown in its slogan, "Every Citizen is a Reporter," OhmyNews is a powerful example of what online citizen journalism can do. After being elected, Roh granted his first media interview to OhmyNews. You can read about this in an excellent New York Times article available here.

OhmyNews and are excellent examples of what I believe will become the new media, replacing the old and outmoded major media which has sadly failed to inform the public of some of the deepest, most important stories affecting our lives and world. This new media can empower caring citizens to report important news like that of which is censored by the major media. has a wide reach, as it is already one of the most popular websites on the Internet, ranked in the top 2,000 out of about 200 million websites now on the world wide web.

Almost anyone with writing skill and a passion can become a citizen reporter at If we can get large numbers of caring, dedicated people to sign up as reporters – people who are aware of the deeper politics of our world and committed to building a brighter future – we can more easily spread the news far and wide. I invite any of you with writing skill and a passion for spreading the news to sign up and join me and many others as citizens reporters who are building a brighter future. The more who join, the more our voices will be heard far and wide.

For full disclosure, please note that I do receive $50 for each new person who signs up and puts me down as the referral source. If you have any problem with this, please don't mention me as the referrer, but do sign up, as I am not doing this for the money. Yet, I am amazed that actually pays their reporters, too. You receive one penny for every page view you receive on articles you write. One of my articles has already received over 2,400 visits, so I will receive $24 for those visits. Two of my friends who got me started on this are earning about $1,000/month as reporters now.

The money is certainly nice, particularly as I've had very little income in the past five years due to volunteering most of my time and energy for PEERS. I've actually donated $25,000 of my limited retirement savings to support PEERS. Yet much more important than the income is the opportunity here to make a difference in our world. I invite you to join me in becoming a citizen reporter and help to open people's eyes around the world to the deeper realities and to the many ways we can make a difference and build a better world. To sign up as a reporter, click here.

Whether or not you choose to become a reporter, I invite you to take a look at the articles I'm writing at Most people are inundated with email, so we generally limit emails to the list to twice a week. also focuses largely on bringing you solid, eye-opening information from the most reliable sources with minimum editorial comments. On, I am using similar strong sources, yet also adding quite a bit of my own thoughts and analysis as to what is going on behind the news.

For those of you who have time, you might even want to subscribe to receive articles I post. I've already started a fascinating series on highly revealing information about the U.S. government's mind control programs and how they have secretly shaped significant parts of the world's political landscape. These reports are largely based on declassified documents I received directly from the CIA using the Freedom of Information Act. For the link to this particular series, click here. To subscribe to my postings, simply click on the "Subscribe to Email" link next to my photo on any page.

Thanks to powerful new technologies like the Internet and citizen-based reporting, and thanks to caring individuals who are willing to do what it takes to make a difference, new energy technologies that might have gotten squelched now are getting respectable reporting. The world is rapidly transforming around us. It's not always pretty, but the old hierarchical structures are breaking and crumbling as we the people build a new world which better supports all of us from the bottom up. Thanks for playing your part, and you have a great day and month ahead.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

P.S. For any interested in replicating Mylow's magnetic motor, visit for detailed instructions and more. If we can get successful replications, we may see some major transformation in the energy sector much faster than anyone might have suspected.

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