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Oneness and Duality
Poetic Words on the Beauty of Both Oneness and Duality

Oneness and Duality


It loses its expression

It loses its definition

In its emptiness
It is the cradle of all existence

In its fullness
It is creator of all things

Ever empty
It surrenders into the mystery

Ever full
It creates into the unknown

Of one source, they differ in name
Yet both arise from the one

Oneness beyond one
Herein lies the key to all mysteries


Beauty is seen only because of ugliness
Greatness is known only for its lack

Emptiness and fullness are born of each other
Difficulty and ease create one another

Long and short grow out of each other
High and low reflect one another

Sound and listening complement each other
Front and back follow one another

And on it goes…

Thus the wise pay no heed
Their acts without words showing the way

So do all things flow without thought

Creating without possessing
Acting without attachment
Achieving without claiming achievement
Existing without laying claim to existence

Thus moves all life unto eternity

Tao Te Ching
The Way of the Wise
Chapters One and Two
Oneness and Duality

Taken from Lesson 20 of the Transformation Course, available at this link

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