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Emails Filtered to Spam

Dear friends,

I find it frustrating that messages sent to the email list continue to be filtered to spam or junk mail at times. To monitor this, I have subscribed to the list under two and one email addresses. The email that went out this morning (Oct. 16, 2102) was filtered to spam on both my gmail accounts, though not on the Yahoo account. I have no idea why.

What is particularly frustrating about this is the inconsistency. Sometimes a message will be filtered to spam in only one of my gmail addresses, while the other goes through fine. It's rare that one email service provider filters all emails sent by WantToknow (though this has happened), yet I often get reports from people who are surprised to find some of our messages to them have been filtered.

I've noticed that the filtering is more frequent when certain banking terms are included in the subject link like "banking bailout" and "banking corruption." But even then it has not been systematic in a way that I have been able to discern.

There is an easy way to find out if any of our messages have been filtered to spam for you. Simply visit, which lists every message sent to the list, with the most recent messages first. As every message is posted to the website, you can click on the links there if you missed any. You might consider checking this link once a month or so to see if you have missed any.

Thanks for your continued interest in our work. No matter whether messages are filtered or not, I have no doubt that together, we are making a difference. Take care.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: I don't send a message out every time our messages are filtered, but I plan to send a message like this a couple times a year to let people know what is happening.

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