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Short Christmas Stories
Four Short Christmas Stories To Warm Your Heart

Heartwarming Short Christmas stories.

The four short Christmas stories below will touch your heart and move your soul. Almost everyone who has read one or more of these heartwarming Christmas stories has come away deeply moved and inspired. Please help spread the inspiration to those around us and throughout the world.

Christmas Story #1 : For the Man Who Hated Christmas
Christmas Story #2 : The Gold Wrapping Paper
Christmas Story #3 : On Santa's Team
Christmas Story #4 : The Christmas Truce

Short Christmas Story #1: For the Man Who Hated Christmas

A conscientious father complains every year about the massive amount of commercial advertising and meaningless consumption which destroys the spirit of Christmas. Yet this particular year, one gift changes everything for him. So starts a beautiful movement which eventually spreads around the globe: The White Envelope Project. And best of all, it's a true, heartwarming story.

Short Christmas Story #2: The Gold Wrapping Paper

A gruff father receives a very special gift from his young daughter which melts his short-tempered heart. This very short, yet deeply moving story beautifully reflects the true spirit of Christmas.

Short Christmas Story #3: On Santa's Team

A fun and caring grandmother takes her wide-eyed grandson on a journey that shows the true meaning of Christmas. Her gift stays with him as a powerful inspiration for the rest of his life.

Short Christmas Story #4: The Christmas Truce (A great Christmas story and song)

An amazing, true story of a truce called on Christmas Eve during WWI and how it changed the lives of the thousands of soldiers involved. Enjoy also a beautiful song about this heartwarming story and explore a link to learn about a great movie made based on this historic event.

We invite you to share these short Christmas stories with your friends and colleagues. Using the amazing power of the Internet, we can send waves of meaningful inspiration around our planet. And for a number of other truly inspiring resources, click here. Have a most wonderful and inspirational day, week, and life ahead!

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