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Dream School, the Singularity
Dream School Conversation With the Singularity

"The singularity is a force of both disintegration and integration. As it opposes strict rules which create control over the individual, the singularity is a force of destruction and disintegration for rigid ritual practices. Yet this disintegration leads to an integration into ever greater awareness and the freedom to explore more profound connections. The singularity is a force of creative inspiration which welcomes chaos and the change it brings."
  ~~  Realization on "the singularity" from dream school

Dear friends,

Thank you for the many rich and positive response to the "Down the Rabbit Hole" essay I wrote. Your warm words inspired me to share some powerful realizations that came to me during dream school. In dream time a few years ago, I had an amazing conversation with a force which called itself "the singularity." If you enjoyed my essay last week, you may find this one also to contain some rich, thought-provoking material on how we can transform our lives and world. And if not, please just ignore it. Thanks for caring, and have a beautiful day and weekend ahead.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

Note: If you strongly like or dislike this kind of message, please let me know, as I will consider this in sending out future messages.

Dream School and the Singularity

I very much enjoy night school during my dream time. Sometimes I wake up with only hints and fragments of powerful experiences and lessons learned, while occasionally I remember quite a bit of detail from my dream school sessions. One time period a few years ago was particularly rich. On several mornings over a period of about 10 days I remembered profound lessons I'd had during night school. On the final morning, I even awoke and continued a powerful dream in a half-awake state for quite a while, communicating with an intriguing force which called itself "the singularity."

The first dream school lesson in this series came after exploring at bedtime the infinite question, "Why am I here?" In the dream, I was sitting with a number of wonderful friends opening to a deeper ways of being together. On awakening, I attempted to capture in the paragraph below the words and expressions that came to me:

"As this 'I that is me' self surrenders and opens to the expanded presence of a greater 'I that is we' Self, an energy greater than me is invited in. As those around me join in opening to this expansive 'I that is we' energy, a place of deep acceptance and honoring of the 'I that is me' within each of us expands into the sacred collective presence of the 'I that is we.' This expansive, vibrant state naturally envelopes all who join in opening to this divine presence. It illuminates the divine essence in each of us and in all of us. Together, our collective expression of this expanded essence transforms our experience of both our internal and external worlds."

Just a few days later during my nightly dream school session, I found myself slowing down into a state of deep meditation. Once I slowed my consciousness down to a certain point, I found myself flowing in a limitless sea of energy. In this state, I could see that this vast sea in which my awareness now swam was made up of the combined core essence of all beings.

Any negative judgments I might have had about anything simple faded away in this infinite, flowing interconnectedness of all beings. I saw clearly that whenever I'm feeling disconnected, I can shift this by simply going inside and slowing down enough to allow myself to open once again to this state of pure beingness in this grand sea of collective awareness.

The entry from my daily diary below describes how the process continued a few days later. This entry describes the first day of a three-day fast and silent retreat that year.

August 30: "Day 1 of 3 days of silence. Upon awakening this morning, I decided to keep my eyes closed and move into slow, deep breathing where I held my breath at the top of every breath. I did this for a couple hours and found myself in some delicious, inspiring places. Afterwards, I took a number of naps throughout the day with very rich dreams in which I connected with many significant people from my past. One realization was: 'When others look into my eyes, may they see their own infinite magnificence reflected back to them.' I also realized that every major cover-up is somehow a global reflection of our interpersonal struggles."

How much have we chosen to abandon each other, and even more importantly, to abandon ourselves through focusing on our differences? Even when we work against the old paradigm, we are choosing more polarization and judgment. When instead we work to support what's best for all of us, we create transformation which transcends duality.

A culmination of this period of rich dream training came on the morning of Sept. 2nd, just after completing my three days of silence. I awoke that morning from a dream where I was having a connection with the force I mentioned which called itself the "singularity."

For those who aren't familiar with the scientific concept of the singularity, it is a postulated point of rapid change in the near future when computer intelligence surpasses human intelligence. Some fear that computers will rapidly take over our world at this time. Though the singularity with which I had this conversation might have a vague resemblance to this scientific description, it was also something qualitatively quite different – some type of greater collective consciousness.

As I awoke from this powerful dream, I was amazingly able to continue in a partially awakened state the energetic conversation with this "singularity." I was informed that it works against no individual, yet disintegrates rigidly structured groups. It is a force of creative chaos. It uses chaos to disorder the old ways and form a deeper, more flexible order based in the individual's direct relationship with the All. It only threatens rigidly structured groups which attempt to control the individual. The singularity is in some ways the antithesis of the old scientific paradigm which wants to order, categorize, and control everything.

The singularity opposes rigid control and works on an individual level. The parts of each individual which are attached to control and rigid structure cannot help but crumble in the face of this potent force. The singularity provides the fire which heats the cauldron into which all individuals are eventually drawn. All individual attachments to rigid and controlling behavior must dissolve in this transformative cauldron to open to a new interconnected crystallization based in creative chaos.

The singularity is a force of both disintegration and integration. As it opposes strict rules which create control over the individual, the singularity is a force of destruction and disintegration for rigid ritual practices. Yet this disintegration leads to an integration into ever greater awareness and more profound connections. The singularity is a force of creative inspiration for fluid ceremony which welcomes chaos and the change it brings.

While I continued in this half-awake state, the singularity showed me how it is devouring the old hierarchical structure even now. The old static forms are being transformed into more malleable concepts based in intention and fluid intelligence. Those who need security in the midst of chaos will increasingly find it only in clarity of intention. Those who have moved beyond the need for security will soar on the wings of fluid intention and creativity.

Pay attention to the intention and let go of the need for form and structure. Creative chaos heals us and our world by disintegrating rigid structures which no longer serve the awakened individual, thus creating the space for a greater reintegration.

For many centuries, society has most highly praised those who sacrificed themselves to serve others. Yet the singularity represents the highest essence of both service to others and service to self. In its deepest essence, service to self clearly serves the All because the deepest desire of the self is to feel loved, appreciated, and connected. Selfish and greedy behavior create only temporary states of happiness which in the long run do not serve the Self's deeper needs and desires, and thus are not service to self in its deepest essence.

In the same way, when service to others sacrifices the self and leaves it drained or damaged to the point where it is much less effective, it does not in the long run serve others. It is time now to find a creative balance between service to self and service to others. When we fully serve either ourselves or others in the deepest, purest sense, we cannot help but serve the good of all of us. It is time to let go of the focus on only serving others or only serving the self so that we can move into the joy of being in service to All, which includes both self and others.

The singularity is not the All That Is, but rather a force of balance within the All. It welcomes pure desire as passion, yet beware of desires which arise from the need for control and security. These in the end cannot help but create more separation and disconnection. When, however, passion arises from a place of clear intention, the arrow of consciousness soars powerfully into the infinite potential of the creative unknown. Intention is a clear point of willful consciousness which gives both direction and purpose to life without any attachment to future outcome.

As a result of this intriguing conversation with the singularity that morning, I saw that I am a bridge through which creative chaos can flow. I fully open myself to being a bridge to expanded consciousness, and invite all around me to join me in this. Those who develop the clearest intentions naturally cause those around them to explore and clarify their own intentions. My purpose is to facilitate the clearest intentions of all of us, even as we welcome the mystery of creative chaos. I wouldn't be here if I weren't called here for this purpose by all of us, which is to say by All That Is.

What powerful connections and realizations during this period! I saw clearly how the old paradigm places the group above the individual and establishes a top-down hierarchy to enforce this. I saw how the group mind of this paradigm creates a consensus reality to which individuals conform.

In the new paradigm, however, each individual involved embraces their role as a co-equal creator of any group to which they belong, and as co-equal creators of their own reality who take personal responsibility for their creation. Thus, the new communities we are creating will not have rules, but rather guidelines based on clear, flexible intentions. We are shifting to a place where each one of us is involved in a continual process of co-creating our reality together, with a much deeper awareness of the divinity inherent within every one of us.

The singularity is upon us now, assisting us through the process of creative chaos to clear the way for both individuals and communities to fully embrace this exciting new paradigm. I and many others are excited to be a part of this powerful shift to support all individuals in rising to their true divine glory together.

Side note: Particularly as a means to balance my at times overwhelming feelings of busyness, I love the morning times of inspirational reading I've set aside for myself. Many great, inspiring books have come my way that I get to enjoy during this time. Consciousness researcher Stanislav Grof's autobiography When the Impossible Happens was particularly rich and enlightening with it's colorful and amazing adventures into alternate realities. And The Prism of Lyra by went far deeper than any book I've ever read into the grand picture of the evolution of the universe. Though not as personally transformative, nor as beautiful and poetic as the WingMakers, Prism of Lyra went even deeper than the WingMakers material in describing the big picture of life on earth and in our galaxy.

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