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Transformational Books
Several books which most transformed my awareness

Hey wonderful 'In the Know' friends,

I thought some of you might enjoy knowing which transformational books and essays have had the most profound impact on me over the course of my life. I've listed several below with a brief description and some comments on how they expanded my consciousness. I also welcome hearing about any key books which have had a transformational impact and greatly helped to expand your awareness in your journey through this mysterious thing called life.

The books and materials which have most powerfully affected me are Life After Life, Holographic Universe, Far Journeys, Cosmic Journeys, Prism of Lyra, Trance Formation of America, and the WingMakers and Hidden Hand materials. I'll also recommend another book, Undefended Love, which did not affect me as profoundly as above, but which is the best general guide I have seen yet for personal transformation. Happy reading!

Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody

This landmark book more than any other is credited with sparking global interest in the amazing field of near-death experiences (NDE). I came across the book at a critical moment in my life. At age 19 in 1977, I experienced my first spiritual crisis. I was agnostic at the time – not knowing whether God really existed or not. As a result of this crisis, for the first ever I sent out a sincere, heartfelt prayer to God asking if he/she/it really existed to give me some kind of clear sign.

About a month or so after that earnest prayer, this breakthrough book – the first ever filled with people's descriptions of the incredible experiences they went through while being declared clinically dead – found its way to me. It was clearly the sign I had been looking for. This proved to me the existence of the afterlife and led to my first explorations into consciousness and expanded dimensions and realms. Just a couple months later, I experienced an amazing spiritual awakening where I felt like the crown of my head opened and all of the wisdom I had accumulated in past lifetimes poured through my head and into my being in an amazing spiritual download.

Since Life After Life was published, many other great books have been written on this most intriguing and inspiring topic. So though it's a great read, it is not necessarily the best book in the field. As near-death experiences are so powerful in transforming awareness and even shifting the collective consciousness of our world, I've put together a special NDE section, which you can find at this link. If you like this kind of stuff, I most highly recommend checking out the resources there.

Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

I was so thrilled on finding this beautiful book back in the late 1990s to find scientific validation for much of the strange psychic and spiritual phenomenon in which I had come to believe. Talbot (now deceased) is a master at bringing the worlds of science and spirituality. And his own personal story, included in the latter part of the book, is simply mind boggling. If you don't like scientific explanations (which are very well done), skip the first few chapters to get to the real juicy stuff.

This landmark book beautifully depicts both scientifically and philosophically how everything is much more interconnected than we are led to believe. Using cutting-edge scientific theories and experiments related to the holographic nature of our minds and universe, Talbot shows how powerful our minds are in shaping the reality in which we live. Chapter four's amazing examples of miracle healing is especially engaging. Very well researched with lots of footnotes, I most highly recommend this awesome book. An excellent, seven-page summary is available here.

Far Journeys by Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe, the founder of the Monroe Institute, was one of the great consciousness pioneers of our time. In Far Journeys, his second of three books, he recounts his own personal journey of awakening. During a spontaneous out of body experience in his late 30s, he describes how he was absolutely terrified and struggled mightily to get back into his body. But after experiencing this six or seven times and coming back to normal reality each time without a problem, his curiosity eventually overtook his fear. Thus began an incredibly fascinating lifetime of exploration.

Monroe's step-daughter is married to Joseph McMoneagle, one of the most accomplished remote viewers. I mentioned McMoneagle's excellent book, The Stargate Chronicles, in a previous message. Monroe worked closely with a number of CIA and intelligence agents, helping them to open to greater realities. From all of my research, I've found Monroe to have a very high level of integrity and to be one deeply dedicated to transforming our world for the good.

Far Journeys, more than any other book, helped me to understand the fluidity of time and how our world of time and space is much more of a construct of the mind than a deeper reality. If you want to go on a journey deep into the mystical unknown with this intrepid explorer of consciousness, I most highly recommend this book.

Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind McKnight

I was so deeply inspired and transformed by Far Journeys that I wanted more. I read both of Monroe's other books (good, but not as powerful as Far Journeys) and eventually found a book by a woman who was on his team of consciousness explorers, Rosalind McKnight. In Cosmic Journeys, McKnight recounts her amazing experiences upon joining Monroe's team in exploring out of body experiences use the advanced technology of binaural beats, a field of which Monroe is considered the founding pioneer. She traveled to far expanded realms of which she could never even have dreamed. Much of the book is transcripts of her sessions in Monroe's amazing laboratory.

While Far Journeys is incredibly stimulating intellectually, Cosmic Journeys gives more of a heart and soul based description of incredibly profound and esoteric realms. McKnight states that "every soul has its own special tune to play in the universal orchestra." This book excited me even more than Far Journeys, yet both had an incredibly profound impact on expanding my view of what is possible in our infinite universe. I highly recommend both of these consciousness-expanding books.

Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

Not at the level of the above books, nonetheless Prism of Lyra helped me tremendously in filling out the big picture of all that is going on in our universe. Being both a talented psychic and serious researcher, Royal has combined both these talents to give an amazingly coherent and sensible view of how this physical universe was formed and a history of the beings that inhabit it.

This thought-provoking book also presents a plausible theory of the evolution of life both in the universe and on Earth. I don't resonate with everything presented in the book, especially the hierarchical depiction of levels of beings, but its message was most helpful in creating a more expanded perspective for myself of how life and our universe functions. And if you want a really fun and intriguing book of channeled material written by Royal exploring sexuality among varying ET species, Future Sex is a great read.

Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips

This disturbing book is not for the light of heart. I knew nothing about secret government mind control programs when I first read this shocking book in 2002. After finishing it, I truly hoped what was written was not true. As it is difficult to verify the information given, I really didn't know. However as it was so important, I undertook some serious research and sadly found that it is very likely most of what is written is true. Declassified government documents available to anyone support much of what she describes.

This book took me down the deepest, darkest parts of the rabbit hole and eventually led me to become somewhat of an expert on mind control programs which are an absolute key to the methods of control used by the hidden powers of our world. I only recommend this if you really want to know how deep it all goes and are prepared to be disturbed. For me, I do want to know, and I am using this information to expose all this is going on and help create a better world for all of us. If you suspect you might be a survivor of one of these programs, please don't read this book, as it could trigger suicide programming. Go instead to our Mind Control Information Center at this link.

WingMakers Philosophy and Poetry and the Hidden Hand Material

Though it does not resonate for many people, the WingMakers philosophy has had a more profound impact on my life than anything else I have ever read. It is only 17 pages worth of written material, yet when I first read this material back in early 2001, it so profoundly transformed me that I broke down and cried. I reread it a few times a year even now and am invariable inspired anew. For links to this material and more on my highly intriguing experiences in exploring deep into it, click here.

The Hidden Hand material, though with significant weaknesses in my opinion, helped me more than any other to understand why there is so much negativity and suffering in our world. I do not resonate with the idea presented of a harvest, where all the good souls go off to a heavenly version of Earth, while the bad or mediocre souls have to stay here and suffer. It's the same old heaven and hell scenario religions have use for years to promote fear and obedience. Yet there is enough great stuff that I recommend this material with that caveat. You can find it at this link.

Other Materials for Personal Growth and Transformation

Undefended Love by Jett Psaris and Marlena Lyons

Undefended Love is by far the best book I've seen on transforming personal relationships and moving through the challenges in our lives. Full of warmth and humanity, this remarkable book helps us to see that the most powerful transformation happens when we are willing to face the fears and challenges that arise in ourselves and in our relationships with openness and vulnerability. Many specific, practical tools help to guide us towards richer, deeper relationships not only with our partners, but also with ourselves and with all around us.

This book currently has 51 reader reviews and 49 of those are five stars on That is a testament to its quality. If you are ready to take the risks involved in being truly authentic with yourself and others, you will likely be very thankful to have this excellent guide at your side.

The Transformation Course

This free, online course brings together the best of the Internet to both inspire and educate you in a dynamic and powerful way. The journey through the course will enhance your awareness and provide tools enabling you to build a better life and world. The engaging Transformation Course masterfully interweaves the light, inspiring aspects of life with empowering information and exercises which invite us to look at the challenging sides of ourselves and our world. Course lessons will deepen your insight, expand your horizons, and embolden you to be the change you want to see in the world. If you don't feel you have time for the whole course, I most highly recommend lesson 3 on personal responsibility and lesson 20 on moving beyond duality.

Parting Thoughts

First, I want to mention that I've decided it would be helpful to post the messages I write to the "In the Know" list in a discreet place on Though these messages don't have the distinguishing level of reliability and verifiability of most information on the website, I do think they are worthwhile for some people not on the list, particularly those who might join this list at a later time. I've posted this message online at this link. Though this list continues to be private, please feel free to share any of this information with those you feel might be open to it.

I will leave you with two inspiring thoughts which have came to me. The first is from a day of silence and fasting I did last year.

"I am both creating and being created in every moment. Clear intentions empower me to be an active, potent creator. Willingness to surrender to what's best for all – never knowing what that is – allows me to accept and appreciate all that is created in my life. How I interpret what happens makes all the difference in my experience of life."

"By accepting all in my life exactly as it is, I leave my victim ways behind to step fully into my co-creative role with the universe. As I acknowledge and work with the both the light and shadow sides of myself and of the world around me, I invite ever greater transformation to unfold through integrating the light and the shadows. By continuously choosing love, support, and meaningful connection with myself and all around me, I play an active role in creating a slice of the paradise we are all ever more consciously manifesting."

Wishing you and all of us abundant love, inspiration, and joy,

Note: A wonderful supporter recently recommended an awesome PBS documentary titled "Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World." It is a four-part series, each part being one hour in length. The first two parts are excellent in revealing the hidden history of money in our world, though the third and fourth parts on more recent history are much weaker. Watch it at this link.