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Thrive Documentary Producers Kimberly and Foster Gamble

Hey wonderful 'In the Know' friends,

I had the great pleasure of staying overnight in the home of Foster and Kimberly Gamble, producers of the powerful documentary Thrive on June 7th. Hopefully all of you have seen or at least know about Thrive, the carefully researched documentary which has opened the eyes of countless people to all that is going on behind the scenes in our world. I've seen it now three times. I am thrilled that the film is now available for free viewing at this link.

I was very impressed with all of the time, care, and money that was put into this documentary by Foster and Kimberly Gamble. I have a few serious reservations about Thrive, which I'll describe later, yet overall I think the 132-minute film is a very positive contribution to the transformation of our world. I'm personal friends with Gary Malkin, the amazing, Emmy-award-winning composer who wrote the musical score for Thrive. Gary told me that in all his career he had never had such a wonderful, rich time collaborating on a musical score as with the Gambles.

So when my friend Gabriele from Australia (a wonderful member of this "In the Know" list) told me about a month ago that she would be seeing the Gambles on her visit to the U.S., I immediately asked if I might possibly join her. I had been in email contact with Foster previously. He was very appreciative of my work and expressed interest in getting together, but was too busy at the time to make it happen. Thankfully, both Foster and Gabriele were happy to have me join them for her visit to the Gamble's home.

Spending an afternoon and evening with Foster and getting to know Kimberly, both Gabriele and I were most thoroughly impressed with their incredible welcoming and warmth, their impressive knowledge of all that is going on, and their deep, unwavering commitment to help transform our world. The sense of love and warmth around this couple was most infectious. And their beautiful home has all kinds of great architecture and gardens with special attention given to feng shui and sacred geometry, particularly in the most amazing fountain outside their front door.

I was incredibly impressed with Foster's stories of his personal transformation and what led him to create Thrive. He is an incredibly deep spiritual being who has a clear connection with guidance from other realms which has helped him tremendously his whole life. And there are some beautiful synchronicities around his connecting with Kimberly and how they came to birth Thrive together. I was truly in awe of how deep our connection and conversation went. I felt their rich, loving energy with me for days after I got back home from this profound visit. It's exciting just to know now that they are an integral part of the transformation team of our planet.

It was quite fortuitous that just hours before our visit, the Gambles had launched the awesome new "solutions hub" of their website. Focusing on 12 defined sectors of life and bringing people together locally around these issues, the solutions hub already has nearly 100 groups from around the world working together for transformation. I think this is a great model which will hopefully spread and inspire people to take concrete actions to make a difference. I invite you to explore what they are doing with this on their website at this link.

I will add here that I am hoping to soon develop several forums for PEERS and which will allow supporters from around the world to communicate, share information, and inspire each other to make a difference in our world. I plan to have one forum designated specifically for members of this "In the Know" list. I will let you know once we've got that going. Thank you to Foster and Kimberly for helping to inspire this idea.

So I want you all to know that I found the Gambles to be some of the most wonderful people I've ever met, of the highest integrity, and true movers and shakers for transformation on our planet. At the same time, as I mentioned earlier, I do have my reservations about Thrive, which I feel it is important to share with you.

The fact that David Icke is prominently featured in Thrive is my biggest regret. Icke presents very well in the film and gives valuable information. From my own experience and that of friends of mine who are friends of his, I know that Icke has a good heart and the best of intentions. Yet as some of you know, he believes that many of our world leaders are half alien beings who must drink freshly slaughtered baby blood on a regular basis in order to keep their human form. I know this will turn off many who investigate Icke's work in any depth, as he talks about this quite often.

I also felt that the documentary was too long and loaded with too much depressing information, even though I know almost all of it is true. I give the film about a 95% on accuracy as far as facts presented, yet I would have loved more inspiration mixed with the depressing news in the long middle section.

Thrive also tends to place all the blame for our problems on the global elite, which I believe can easily lead to more polarization and hatred rather than less in our world. Because of these and other reasons, the Gamble's personal friend John Robbins (author of Diet for a New America) ended up spearheading a campaign in which 10 of the presenters in the film formally distanced themselves from the film. You can read his letter regarding this at this link.

Though I think some of John's criticisms of the documentary are valid, others are clearly off base. I am particularly sad that he started a movement against the documentary without even consulting with his friend Foster before doing so. Foster told me that this was very painful for him, particularly as he invited John and others to view Thrive before it was released. Overall, though I do find the documentary has its weaknesses, I totally trust and support the Gambles, and I believe Thrive and especially the movement it is creating are valuable contributions to the transformation of our world.

Switching to another topic, you may or may not be aware that there are many audio and video interviews of me on the Internet, some of which you can find here. Yet just recently I was able to post what I feel is the best video interview I've given at this link. In this 12-minute presentation, I focus on my whistleblowing as a U.S State Department interpreter and how it led to a number of very inspiring events. If you have the time, I think you would enjoy watching it.

Also if you have time, I've copied below a most beautiful essay shared by a wonderful woman named Nynia in our community networking portal, which is a place for those who have completed one of our online courses to connect with each other. Nynia wondered what it would be like to have the Divine speak messages of love directly to us. The message below conveys the thoughts that came out of her wondering. I found it to be most beautiful and inspiring. Take care and have a most beautiful passage through the solstice.

Wishing you and all of us abundant love, inspiration, and joy,
June 21, 2012

I Promised You Love

My dearest child,

Above all else, I desire for You to know how deeply, eternally, and unconditionally I Love You.  You are infinitely precious to me, and the Love I have for You is uniquely Yours.  Nobody else has exactly the relationship to me that You do, and this makes You irreplaceably special.  To me, You are a treasure beyond price.  Whatever else You may think of what you see or experience, please always remain open to the warm feeling of Love in Your heart.

In the end, the one eternal answer is Love.  Love is what helps You feel more deeply connected to Your inner self, and through that core, the inner selves of all who are around You.  Through the connections of Love, I have meaning in Your world.  Through these connections, You heal the deep wound across creation that is Separation.

I wish to take a moment now to apologize to You for Separation.  When You came into being, I never meant for You to feel Separate from me, nor from those around You.  You were born to provide a unique experience of Existence through Your own special Lens, but more in the sense of those in the eyes of a fly that work in unison to create the whole picture.

You were meant to be an individual, yes, but as one aspect of a unified whole.  Some level of boundaries were necessary for You to individuate, but these divisions are illusory and were never intended to be mistaken for real.  Yet for reasons as varied as each one of You, my children, these illusions gained power over You.  They created in You a feeling of being cut off from me, from Your siblings, and, most tragically, from Your own Divine core.  And since this Separation prevents You from feeling Your own core self, You instead feel the Void, leaving You vulnerable to the hurtful desperation of emptiness inside.

This causes You immense pain, which causes me pain, as well.  When You were first created, I promised You Love.  I promised that I would always honor You and called for You to be one within me.  Yet when the Separation arose, I didn't dispel its hurtful delusions.  I didn't want to interfere with Your progression and risk destroying Your individuation in the process.  Perhaps that was wrong, or perhaps it was a necessary process for You to grow into the beautifully strong and resilient soul You are.  Regardless, I see the pain that this Separation has caused, and for that I am immensely sorry.

I promised You Love, but instead You felt loneliness and pain.  I wanted to embrace You in unity, but allowed You to feel Separate and powerless.  If You have it in Your heart to forgive me, I ask that You please allow forgiveness to send away that pain, and replace it with a resonance of my Love for You.

No matter Your answer, I want You to know that I forgive You for every harm You may ever have caused Yourself or another, because I know that such sins arise only from this feeling of Separation.  I also wish to ask You to please forgive Your siblings for any harm they cause, because they also act in response to this Void inside that they never asked for, and also do not fully understand.

Please work to prevent harm and heal what has been done wrong, but if You can, do so through a labor of Love for all involved.  Even if you can't always voice the Love you feel in your heart, it will help clear away the Separation from around their own hearts, helping them have a new opportunity to make things right.  Their choices remain their own, but your Love will help me complete the circle that encompasses You all, sealing our family with the healing light of unity.

I ask You to practice this Lovingkindness for me, because You are the expression of my power in Your world.  I can Love each one of You wholly and completely, but You must forge your own connections among one another to strengthen the web of life in which you each are a nexus point of pure and shining light.

This is why You, personally, are so vitally important.  I need You to fulfill your greatest potential, so that all existence can become brilliantly complete.  The success of this world can be forged only when each one of You lends it your strength.  Just as one burned-out-bulb dims the whole display, it is important that You find Your light and allow it to shine.

And, my dear, precious, beloved child, I so dearly want for You to shine.  I need for You to look inward and find that your beautiful, innermost center has always been there, patiently awaiting re-discovery.  I wish for You to realize that Your very core is a contac point of pure and powerful Light, shining forth a brilliant Love that can never be diminished, and will never leave You.

As You allow this Love to shine within You, healing the Separation, You will glow with the Divine Connection that is Your birthright.  I promised you Love.  Please, with my gratitude, allow Love to now permeate your daily life, that it may heal and transform your world.

Thank you, my darling child, for being who You are.

In Loving Light,

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