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Inspiring Poem on Awakening that is Blossoming Everywhere


Bright sun
Bursting forth
Into the dawn
Of a brand new day

Golden rays
Streak across the sky
Blanketing the land
With newfound warmth

Manifold lifeforms
Arise from their slumber
To the infinite possibilities
Of this grand awakening

Infinite choice
Presented to all
With the dawn
Of this new day

Do we choose
To let wounds of the past
And fears of the future
Determine our way?

Or do we choose
To stir and awaken
The limitless glories
Within and around us?

May we transcend
Past and future shadows
To dance with the golden rays
Of the newborn sun

Dear friends,

The inspiration for "Awakening" came to me a couple months ago. Even with all the craziness and challenges we are facing on many levels both individually and collectively, I am very inspired and hopeful with all that is going on now. I believe our world is slowly awakening from a long night of darkness, challenges, and fertile gestation to a new and exciting day filled with limitless possibilities. Thanks to people like you and me who have embraced our own transformation, I see this very much as an awesome time of new birth and awakening for all who are ready to be the change.

I've actually written very few poems in my life, yet the few that have come through me have had a profound impact. If you'd like to read some of the others, click here. And for a heart and mind expanding online course offered free on the Internet that I helped to design, click here. This course has drawn rave reviews from many who have completed it. Thanks for being part of the awakening, and have a most beautiful day and spring season ahead filled with rich love and meaning.

With very best wishes for awakening in all of us,
Fred Burks for PEERS and

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